A Four-Step Exercise to Help Reach Your Goals


In modern society, we often consider formal education the ultimate destination, a prerequisite to professional success. As long as you have that degree, that diploma, or that certification, you’ll be golden. But for most of us, education is a marker on the journey to reach some other, deeper aspiration, like attaining a certain job or entering a certain industry. It’s not the degree or certificate itself that provides validation and fulfillment, but rather what we do with it afterwards. If education isn’t the destination, make sure you’re on a path that will actually lead you to the destination you have in mind. How do you do this?

Why One Udacity Student Dropped A Career in Law to Take On Data Science

Student Spotlight is a recurring feature on the Udacity Blog, highlighting personal stories and experiences from Udacity Nanodegree students and graduates. Today’s post comes from Data Analyst student Christian Strobl, a former lawyer turned startup cofounder, currently living in Munich and learning data science within the Data Analyst Nanodegree. Read on to see how Christian made the big career shift outside of the world of law.

9 Stunning Examples of Accidental Success, and How You Can Have It Too

Whether you dream large or small, the best side project is the one you can’t imagine not doing. If you can’t imagine not doing it, it might be that others won’t be able to imagine not using it. And however modestly you start, your passion just might lead you to develop the next Pinterest, the next GitHub, or the next Twitter. Your passion just might lead you to excellence.

Udacity Nanodegree Reviews: Your Questions Answered

Since we launched Udacity Nanodegree programs last year, one of the most common questions we hear from the community is, “Are these right for me?” Ultimately, furthering your career will be a very personal decision and different for everyone. But we thought it’d be helpful to prospective students to outline some of the most popular questions out there, and some of the answers that have been provided directly from Udacity Students.