Web Developer Hiring Trends, and What They Mean For You

Soaring demand, strong salaries, and geographical flexibility make web development an incredibly appealing career path right now. Want in? Whether you’re just starting your professional life or embarking on a new chapter, it’s helpful to take stock of the current, and expected, hiring trends in web development in order to best situate yourself for success. Some questions you might have: What kinds of companies are hiring? How do they each approach web development differently? What does that mean for the trajectory of your learning path?

My Conversation with A North-Pole Programmer

Have you ever wondered how Christmas works? I was forced to completely rethink my own ideas about the magic of Christmas after a conversation I recently had with Casey, the Chief Technical Officer of Santa’s Workshop.

9 Essential Skills for Your First Data Analyst Job

Data. Every time you make a purchase online or share a photo with friends, you are contributing to the pile of data being amassed every single second from every corner of the earth. We’re producing tons of data, yet the demand for qualified data analysts is outpacing the amount of data being created every day. So the question becomes – what does it take to become a data analyst?

Developer Tools: Facebook “Hacking” Tutorial

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.47.57 AM

In this inaugural episode of Udacity After Dark, a YouTube show where we talk technology and share what we’ve learned , we’ll show you how to use Google Developer Tools to prank a friend’s Facebook profile page. (And the best part about playing a prank like this is that the “damage” is undone as soon as the page is refreshed.)

12 Essential Skills for Your First Front-End Web Dev Job

Front-End Web Developer Checklist via udacity.com

Front-end web development is not magic, it’s skill. Knowing what it takes to create amazing user experiences enable you to understand what strengths you already have and what you skills you still need to learn in order to get your first web development job.

3 Data Careers Decoded and What It Means for You

Data Analyst vs Data Scientist vs Data Engineer

There’s never been a better time to pursue a career in data. The McKinsey Global Institute predicted that by 2018 the U.S. could face a shortage of 1.5 million people who know how to leverage data analysis to make effective decisions. Enter: you. The first step on your path to professional data whiz? Taking stock of your three main career options: data analyst, data scientist, and data engineer.

3 Web Dev Careers Decoded: Front-End vs Back-End vs Full Stack


How do you know exactly what kind of web development work to seek out and train for? If you’ve poked around on job listing sites or browsed through online courses, you’ve probably gathered that web development tends to break down into three main concentrations: front-end, back-end, and full-stack.