13 Useful Web Dev Tools You Can’t Live Without

But with so many out there, how do you choose? Here’s a list of some of the best tools to date, according to working web developers. Now, no one toolset works for every developer in every situation. You will develop your own toolsets, picking tools based on the tasks you need to accomplish on any given project — and on what works for you. Some tools are better designed than others for particular working habits or design preferences. So take some of these tools for a spin, and see if they don’t become part of your must-have toolkit.

Jumping Right In: Why This Udacity Student is Tackling Coding Head-On

Front-End student (graduated as of April 16) Rohit Gupta bounced from engineering to marketing to being an aspiring coder who simply never stops learning. Initially, his goal was to build a startup, and he couldn’t find enough programmers that actually wanted to code. The best thing, Rohit figured, was to learn to program. And that would lead to something. That was his premise.

Why You Need to Examine Cultural Fit Before Accepting That Job Offer

Getting a job offer is fantastic (congrats!), but before you commit, you’ll want to make sure the cultural fit is completely mutual. The greatest predictor of the longevity of your experience with any company likely won’t be your salary, benefits, or title — it’ll be the cultural accord. Any role you step into, however awesome it is on paper, should be as perfect for you as you are for the company.