Discovery Week Savings: Your Last Day Checklist

Udacity Discovery Week Savings

Before we bid farewell to Udacity Discovery Week, let’s just go through your checklist one more time …

New Skills For Me: My Checklist

  • Opened and read Discovery Week email. Check.
  • Went to to get the scoop. Check.
  • Had mind blown by all the different Nanodegree programs. Check.
  • Found the perfect program for me. Check.
  • Enrolled. Check.
  • Saved. Check.
  • Set self on path to new future. Check.
  • Bought new Model S

Ok, looks like you’re ready!

For anyone else out there reading this, are you ready to join the thousands of new students who’ve made the commitment to enroll in a Nanodegree program? The thousands of aspiring learners from across the globe who’ve set themselves on the path to a new future? The thousands of focused, determined, and savvy individuals who’ve taken advantage of never-before-seen savings during Udacity Discovery Week?

If not, there’s still time. Not much time, mind you. But there’s still time. Enroll in, or apply to, any Nanodegree program before July 27, 2017, at 11:59pm PT, and you can still save big.

You deserve this. Treat yourself to new skills, and a rewarding new future.


Enroll by July 27 to save up to 50% on Nanodegree programs! Learn more.

Discovery Week Predicts the Future: Deep Learning, Digital Marketing, and more!

Udacity Discovery Week - Deep Learning - Digital Marketing

Sometimes, a revolution is a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, Udacity believes Deep Learning is going to have a revolutionary impact across virtually every industry out there. We believe a new generation of Deep Learning specialists is already on the verge of coming into its own, ready to make significant contributions to the improvement of our world. But is this actually true?

It is now!

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From Music Store Manager to Front-End Developer

How One Udacity Student Adapted to Unexpected Change, and Built a Great New Career

Front-End Developer

Life is full of unexpected events, and abrupt changes often challenge us to reflect on our goals and directions in life. The self-reflection one engages in, and the subsequent actions one takes, emerge as defining moments for our futures. Decisions made about education and learning in particular can have profound—and profoundly positive—effects on our lives.

Jake Gornall was working as a music store manager when his son was diagnosed with 22q11.2 Microdeletion Syndrome, a genetic disorder. His family’s future was suddenly uncertain; what did the coming days and years hold, and how would he prepare for them? Above all else, he knew he had to ensure his family would be supported. But he wasn’t confident that his current career could provide that support. What could he do?

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Welcome to Udacity Discovery Week!

Udacity Discovery Week

For the first time ever, we’re launching Udacity Discovery Week, a week-long opportunity to enjoy savings of up to 50% on Nanodegree programs. Discovery Week runs from July 20th through July 27th. Enroll in a new Nanodegree program during Discovery Week, and you’ll enjoy never-before-seen savings, making this the perfect time to treat yourself to new skills, advance your career, and start building a rewarding future!

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Amazon Alexa’s Ashwin Ram talks AI with Sebastian Thrun

Ashwin Ram and Sebastian Thrun - AI - Udacity

Artificial Intelligence by its very nature promises so much, and the potential seems so vast it staggers the imagination. Excitement in this field runs higher every day, as the ongoing process of translating the possible into the actual produces newer and more incredible innovations.

With this excitement come concerns, of course, and it is perhaps understandable that some people continue to see Artificial Intelligence as some sort of a threat—in far too many narratives, AI is cast as a replacement for humans, with robot laborers predicated to take over for human employees in the workforce. This worry fails to take into consideration two key storylines: 1) AI is an augmentative technology; it extends our abilities, it does not replace them, and 2) AI, by assuming responsibility for repetitive and mundane tasks, frees us for more creative and fulfilling activity.  

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Making A Change: How one Udacity student brightened his future with an exciting new career in technology

We’ve all had those phases when we’re not satisfied with where we are, or what we’re doing with our lives. When you’re in that situation, it’s easy to feel frustrated, and those negative feelings can have a ripple effect, impacting those around you. As hard as it can be sometimes, the solution is to make a change, pursue a new opportunity, and start on a new path. The transformation can be remarkable.

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Inside the Mind of a Recruiter

Inside the mind of a recruiter - Udacity

At Udacity, our careers team is busy every day helping students advance their careers, and we get to work with an incredibly broad group of job seekers who are diverse in location, age, experience, career goals, and more. Despite their differences however, there are certain characteristics that all job seekers share, whether they’re entering the job market for the very first time, or making a career change after 15 years in their field. For example, everyone has questions about recruiters!

This is understandable. Recruiters have an extremely significant impact on the hiring process, but most of us know very little about them. So we’re going to remedy that today, by taking you inside the mind of a recruiter!

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