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January 2014 Update: Since this original post, we’ve focused our career services on helping you build the skills you need for your next career move.  Our courses — particularly the full course experience, where you’ll receive project feedback, coaching, and a verified certificate — are designed to help open up not just education opportunities but career opportunities. If you want some help making connections, we encourage you to check the blog for job searching advice from tech recruiters and industry experts!

Udacity student, Sam Romano, recently thanked Udacity for helping him land his dream job as a software engineer at Google. Everyday students are motivated to take Udacity classes because they are fun! Not to mention that participating and brainstorming with other students helps you develop skills and can even make you a more marketable job candidate. Part of Udacity’s mission is to help our students find career opportunities that allow them to utilize their skills and pursue their passions.

Already, Udacity has hired three of our students — Gundega Dekena, Adam Sherwin and Sean Bennet — as assistant instructors! Since Udacity cannot hire all of our amazing students, we are building relationships with other companies who are interested in hiring Udacity students.

So who are the employers Udacity is working with? While we have been primarily working with companies in the United States, we are pleased to announce that we have extended our employer partnerships to include Europe, Latin America, and Asia. From 12 employers last year, we have found over 412 companies interested in our students, from tech start-ups to Fortune 500s, which include GoogleBank of America, Facebook, Bu.mp and Greylock Venture Partners.

If you are already enrolled as a Udacity student and you are looking for employment, we recommend that in addition to emailing your resume, you also update your student profile. Once a Udacity Career team member has screened you, you can decide which employers you are open to sharing your resume with. Udacity will only share your resume with employers of your choice. There are already Udacity students who have started the interview process with companies they want to work for!

For students who want to polish up their resumes, here are a few simple tips for creating an attractive profile/resume:

  • save your resume as a Word or PDF document
  • check for spelling and grammar errors, perhaps ask a fresh pair of eyes to read it over
  • in addition to your job responsibilities, highlight your skills AND your achievements
  • include a link to your github
  • include a link to your social recommendations, i.e. LinkedIn
  • if you really want to hype it up, make a 50 second video clip of your projects and put the link on your resume!

Udacity’s Career Placement Program is looking forward to hearing from you. Let us help you find a job today!


41 thoughts on “Udacity’s Career Team is here to help you

  1. Due to my inexperience, and due to the fact that I am in my nascent stages with python and programming in itself, I thought that it is best for me to wait until I take at least about four more classes at Udacity such as CS253, CS212, CS258, and such. I don't think it is wise for me to attempt to find a job after I get my CS101 certificate. Am I right?

    • Besides classes, you may also need some experience. Here's what I recommend:1. Yes, take as many classes as you can.2. Read through some programming books and do the exercises to get more practice.3. Start working on a small, personal project, such as a utility program or simple game.4. Look into contributing to open source projects.5. Start building a portfolio

  2. I will start my senior year of high school this fall so I don't want a real job. I want just an internship to feel how is to work as a programmer. Can Udacity Career team help me to get one?

  3. I'm so glad about knowing Udacity! My degree was not related to tecnology. However, I've been involved in some challenges as developing web sites and creating/managing online courses. Udacity classes help me to increase my skills… I'm an Udacity fan!

  4. i am so glad to be a part of Udacity.How many classes should one take per month so that he can complete them easily and even the learning can be maximized.Further i would like to say that it is the future of education and "Learning is actually fun".

    • depends on your background and the courses you're planning to take and of course the free time you have. If you work full-time and coming with no background I wouldn't go for more than one course in each hexasemester unless you don't want to get deeply involved in the course.

  5. "Once a Udacity Career team member has screened you, you can decide which employers you are open to sharing your resume with."What is required from students to get "screened"? Is it just about updating resume, putting tickmark in Profile screen against "Share Info?", and waiting?

    • Yes, we review all resumes that have been sent to us via the profile page with "Share" checked. We receive thousands of resumes however and it can take us quite awhile to sort through them. We give preference to candidates who have completed an exam in one of our testing centers and/or who have completed several of our classes and done well.

  6. Amazing!!Any recommendations for the people who invested in building campuses and universities(around engineering among other fields) in developing nations? How could they help in the ongoing revolution? What could/should they do? Do they even have a role to play?

  7. Students may be strong job candidates at any time. However, as you take more Udacity classes and grow your skills, your ability to contribute in a job will increase as well.

  8. I am very excited to take advantage of the career placement opportunities with Udacity! I recently earned an Information Technology bachelor's degree completely online and am using Udacity to give me some exposure to real-world development, as well as expanding on the skills I learned in school. I'm unemployed at the moment, but perhaps I won't be for long if I stick with my Udacity

  9. exciting programs. Have a PhD myself, however, learning new things and go over old stuffs are so interesting and rewarding… thank you all !

  10. do these companies required a computer science degree in additional to courses at udacity? would just complete all the courses available be enough? please advise.

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