Monday, August 27, 2012

Peter Norvig and Udacity host 13-year-old student

The future of education means creating a new generation of lifelong, self-learners. Last week Udacity hosted Danny, a 13-year-old Udacity student who has completed six Udacity courses, including Peter Norvig's Design of Computer Programs. He completed three of these courses with highest distinction, receiving a 100% on both the Intro to Statistics and Intro to Physics course exams. His parents and his younger brother accompanied Danny to meet the Udacity team and talk about the future of education.

Danny meets the Udacity team (from left: David Stavens, Danny,
Dave Evans, Peter Norvig & Andy Brown)
Dave Evans, course instructor for Intro to Computer Science and Applied Cryptography, spoke with Danny, noting, "It's amazing what Danny has been able to accomplish! Young people like Danny give a great sense of optimism about the future. He's been able to learn so much, mostly on his own. He's gone well beyond what most people learn in college, and has visions for using what he's learned to solve real world problems, like understanding climate."

Thanks for coming to visit us Danny and keep up the great work with your Udacity courses!