Download your organizer packet for Udacity’s Global Meetup Day

Already, over 270 communities have been created on Udacity Meetup Everywhere! The largest Udacity community, Koyampattur, India, has held two study groups already, and their goal is to get 200 Udacians for Udacity’s first Global Meetup Day!

Live Broadcast on USTREAM

On September 15, Udacity students and friends around the world will meetup to celebrate in the spirit of “back to school” for Udacity’s first Global Meetup Day. Since such a high volume of meetup communities have formed, we have decided to switch our dial-in platform from Skype to a brodcast format using USTREAM. Everyone can tune in to our broadcast LIVE at 1pm PST via USTREAM, as well as submit questions and comments via chat and Twitter. More details about our broadcast channel to come!

Udacity will be the official organizers for Meetup sites in Palo Alto, CA, where the lovely folks at TrialPay have generously invited us to use their space, as well as in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY. There may be a few more locations that pop up courtesy of sponsors, which we will announce here in the weeks to come.

International Community

For our international communities, given the time zone challenge, we will set up a live (video) call with Sebastian and other members of our team for the top ten communities with the largest number of attendees. Koyampattur Udacians, you guys are well on your way there!

Resources for Organizers

For Meetup organizers around the world, we have put together a PDF packet with flyers that you can post up to spread the word about the event, as well as table tents to put up on your event tables. For U.S. Meetup organizers there are also custom flyers for your timezone. For global organizers (outside the U.S.) there is a general flyer where you can fill in the location and time for your meetup. Download your packet NOW!
Thanks again for everyone’s energy and enthusiastic support. Meetups are a reflection of the communities that have already sprung up to start studying, discussing, socializing, and sharing together. We can’t wait to celebrate on September 15!

  • Shashank Srivastav

    It was just thinking of making a flyer for our Udacity meetup in Delhi, India. And you have already done it! WonderfulThankyou @Mary and Udacity :D

  • Kurt Van Etten

    This may be a dumb question, but the flyer gives the start time as 1pm pacific *standard* time. Is that a typo? The mountain time is specified as daylight time, but the other time zones appear as standard time.BTW, all the meetups at show up for me as "1:00 PM" (I'm located in the Eastern US time zone). I was assuming that the meetup site was converting all

    • Mary@Udacity

      You are correct. We will push out an updated version for this very soon. Thank you for your attention to this.

  • Ichu Ramesh

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  • Evelyn Chou

    Mary, can organizers use Udacity's logo on promotional documents?