Finished your final? Get an official Udacity certificate

So you’ve just finished your Udacity course final! Congratulations! Now, how do you tell the world?

Follow these three easy steps:

1. In the top right Welcome, (Student Name) menu, access the My Transcript page.

2. Click the Complete Course button next to the course.

3. Your certificate will be ready for download in a couple of minutes!

NOTE: You can always return and continue taking a course if you feel like you need more time for mastery.
Here at Udacity, we want you to succeed. Even after you have completed a course, all of your work from the class is saved. Therefore, you can improve the level of achievement on your certificate by re-enrolling and resubmitting your final. Course forums and all learning materials will be fully accessible to you even if you have already completed the course.

Also, even if you’ve finished a course, you can always go back and review the material without enrolling.

55 thoughts on “Finished your final? Get an official Udacity certificate

  1. As for certificates: are there any other types than the one 'with highest distinction'? Is there any kind of grading based on course progress, or basically everyone gets the same certificate?

    • certificates are based on score in final examscore: 50%-94%->certificate of completionscore: 94%-99%-> certificate with high distinction score: 100%-> certificate with highest distinction

  2. From the PH100 final exam:Here are the different certificate levels (out of the 16 questions):6 or more questions = Certificate of Completion10 or more questions = Certificate of Accomplishment13 or more questions = Certificate of Accomplishment with High Distinction15 or more questions = Certificate of Accomplishment with Highest

  3. I am taking the CS215 class, and fell behind like two weeks. I am almost certain I won't be able to take the exam this week. Can I take it next week and still be able to mark the course as complete and generate a certificate?

  4. Cert from CS262 (Programming Languages) says that I've finished CS373 (Artificial Intelligence), which I've actually finished earlier so now I have two certificates for CS373

  5. I've got my certificate of ST101 but it was generated with my nickname, now I've changed my Udacity's profile name to my real name but I can´t get a new certificate with my real name … How can I get a new certificate with my real name??

  6. Is there a deadline to get the certificates for the current offering? Is there something like I need to finish the exam by some date or else my next chance of getting a certificate is in the next run which would be after 6 weeks?

  7. Yes! Every Udacity student can receive a certificate of completion. The Pearson test is a different type of course certification that you can gain IN ADDITION TO the Udacity certificate.

  8. When you go to the site, choose "View All" rather than choosing a category. You will see Udacity in that list.Although one might expect to see it under IT, it is not there.

  9. Yes it has a value.Colorado State University accepted certificates of Udacity as CREDITS. One 3 credit course at Colorado is roughly $ 1000 . There fore one certificate of UDACITY worths $ 1000 . Not bad. College tuition can be halfed if one takes 50 % of the courses from UDACITY or MITx Harvardx . Revolution . Thanks to Colorado State .

  10. I do not approve of Pearson exams They are commercial company.A commercial company is willing to give a pass to everyone who is paying $ 89 not bad.UDACITY should make their own exams .What is proctoring anyway. You pay someone to proctore you.I love to be proctor as well .Now there are softrwares to do automatic grading and autentication as well.

  11. It would be better to get a certificate after all CS courses have been completed that would say "Certificate of Achievement: Web Application Engineering" or "This is to certify that XXName has successfully completed Computer Science Course: Web Application Developer" something like that instead of listing the course you took on the certificate, because that makes it look kind

  12. Hey there !Thanks for this,however, If possible can we have something on Computer Forensics/ Digital Forensics, and Information Security courses including Ethical Hacking.Would love to see them.Thanks.Nitin Kushwaha

  13. Question 1:You say, "Even after you have completed a course, all of your work from the class is saved." Will our answers on the final exam also be saved? Question 2:Even though I finished the course some time ago, I've been holding off on printing the certificate because somewhere else I read that once you do so, you are no longer enrolled and lose all your

  14. I've taken tests with them before. You'll know for sure that they don't pass you for paying the fee once you've been there. They will keep your money and kick you out for pulling out a tissue that you brought into the room with you. FYI: The one in San Francisco has tissues and bathroom breaks too. I just took my Food Managers Certification for the state of California as part of

  15. Hi Nicholas, For EP245, there is only one level of certificate. If you finish the course, you will get a "Certificate of Completion." This is because this class is a bit different than other Udacity classes, in that there is no final exam or gradable homework assignments. The real measure of entrepreneurial ability will come from getting off the computer and out of the

  16. Does the final certificate that we get have some kind of a stamp,seal or digital signature indicating which professors taught us the subject?? or its just UDACITY that is mentioned on it??

  17. After completing EP245 and doing the survey, i checked my certificate several times and i got the information bellow. Please adviceEP245: How to Build a StartupOpened on September 14Go To This Course You have not yet earned a certificate; re-enroll on the course overview page to continue your progress!My Future Classes

  18. Hi,I've finished EP245, but when I ask for a certificate, it shows: You have not yet earned a certificate: re-enroll on the course overview page to continue you progress,May I know what is the problem?

  19. I just wanted to say thank you! I completed Statistics 101 and it was great. Thanks to all the Udacity team wno make this so easy helping to focus on what really matters… quality education!

  20. I just completed CS373 and downloaded the certificate. It looks really tacky. If you want people to be able to actually use these courses as qualifications for anything, they need to be able to show the certificate to someone without feeling embarrassed. You should really work on look of the certificate.

  21. yesterday i finish al the videos in How to build a start up, but when im going to look my certificate something happen and shows me this message "You have not yet earned a certificate; re-enroll on the course overview page to continue your progress!", i have 100% in all videos, so could you help me with this!!! Thanks

  22. Is there a way to estimate the total length of the lectures for EP245 (short of going lecture by lecture and writing down the length of each video)? I need to do so in order to submit for continuing education credit for my company.Thanks!Sameer

  23. This information is outdated. I have viewed all lectures and completed all quizes/final questions of a course, and yet cannot complete it. :s

  24. how much to the exam and the certificate cost ?? I saw something called Pearson VUE I don't know how it works and is it necessary or it is an optional thing ?? Thank you

    • Hi Ahmed, you dont need to pay to receive an official Udacity certificate as shown in this blog post. You can earn these by completing the course material. We do have a proctored exam and certificate you can earn through Pearson VUE for $90.

  25. What happens if we complete the course before the allocated time? In that case Do we get the certificate or we need to wait until the end of the entire course duration?

    • Udacity’s courses are self-paced so you can earn a certificate in whatever time frame works for you. You can take your time and spread your learning over several months, or dedicate a single weekend to the course and learn it in 2 days. Other than the course specific requirements to earn the certificate (submitting a project that meets specifications and the exit interview), students must pay for a minimum of 1 month to earn the certificate of an individual course and 2 months for a Nanodegree. But that’s the only time restriction.

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