110000110101000000 Students!

In the first programming quiz ever offered on Udacity, students were asked to write a program that prints the number of minutes in seven weeks. SPOILER: solution below!

print 7 * 7 * 24 * 60

Now, seven months after the first release of Dave Evans’ introductory computer science course (CS101), over 200,000 students have written this line of code. From such simple beginnings, these students have gone on to do some amazing things. Some took more Udacity classes. Some went straight to building projects of their own. Some got jobs at large companies like Google and smaller startups like TrialPay.  Four of those students were even hired at Udacity!

Artist's rendition of what 100,000 students studying computer science may look like.
Artist’s rendition of what 100,000 students studying computer science may look like.

That’s a big number. Two hundred thousand. We’re pretty proud of Dave, our editors, our TAs, and of course our students for helping to make this happen. We’re proud, but we aren’t even close to satisfied.

Because this course, like every course made, isn’t perfect.  Since its launch, we’ve been constantly tweaking CS101.  Later this week, you’ll see even more additional content added to the class. Over time, we plan to continually re-edit, re-record, and–when necessary–recreate our courses.

If you’ve already taken CS101, what will you take next? If you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for?

12 thoughts on “110000110101000000 Students!

  1. Congratulations, Dave and team! Dave is one of my favorite Udacity teachers and I hope he will teach another course, next to CS101 and CS 387, some time in the future.Thanks I could be on of the 110000110101000000!

  2. Being a Udacity Student! I just noticed a presentation today which was based on web crawler. As it continued ,i could find all that was taught to us in the video series. Finally I could find the Udacity Name in the references list!Hope Udacity continues to deliver excellent quality education like it is doing!! Awesome Instructors! Thanks for your valuable time and

  3. Great post! I'm loving it that Udacity is actively trying to improve its courses and that you are actually analyzing collected statistical data to find out how.When I was a child, every time I looked at the grim facades of my school, or wandered around it's fancy-less rooms or corridors, I asked myself why educational institutions always looked so gloomy. The same theme

  4. Agreed with all above. Udacity "gets it". Udacity gets the bigger idea of interactivity that is integrated, not just…appended…for lack of a better word. I've tried to take some Coursera courses, but found myself falling asleep just like in regular school. It's not enough to just record lectures. Keep doing what you're doing!!

  5. Well, how to combat drugs traphic, corruption and violence in Brazil? The solution is: to educate people! A new generation with a new world vision can do the difference! Many thanks to Udacity!!

  6. Great course! I haven't finish yet the course because of some unforseen events in life. I will restart from the beginning and plan to finish the whole course.Thanks for the course, I would like to see a course on Java and on C++

  7. I love the fact that this course is self-paced. Secondly, the instructor is great. He loves teaching..which is quite rare at least in Indian Universities (except the top ones). I have taken up this course to learn python, but even in basic CS 101 getting to know many things which were not taught to us in engineering curriculum :)

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