Colo. State University Global Campus offers credit for Udacity class


Colorado State University-Global Campus, the nation’s first 100% online, independently accredited public university, has announced that they will be offering full transfer course credit (three credits) for Udacity’s Introduction to Computer Science. This is the first U.S. institution to formally accept a Udacity course for credit. International institutions such as University of Freiburg in Germany, and the University of Salzburg in Austria, had previously announced acceptance of Udacity’s computer science courses for credit.

After extensive review by CSU-Global’s faculty, it has been determined that the course — taught by Professor Dave Evans from the University of Virginia — adequately covers the content in any typical three credit-hour introduction to computer programming course. Students coming out of Udacity’s course acquire basic knowledge of Python and basic computer programming skills, as well as computer science theory.

“As a university, CSU-Global supports accessible and flexible education opportunities or adult students in Colorado and beyond. Based on the review and recommendation of our faculty, CSU-Global is pleased to be able to offer college credit for Udacity students who successfully complete the CS101 course and its Pearson exam, and who wish to transfer to CSU-Global to complete their Bachelor’s degree,”stated Dr. Takeda-Tinker, President of Colorado State University-Global Campus.

Sebastian Thrun, CEO and founder of Udacity, said, “We are very excited, as this is a recognition of the real learning being achieved by our students. This presents one formal path for Udacity’s CS101 students to receive college credit at one state university in the U.S. We look forward to seeing more options open for our students in the near future.”

In order to receive credit, students will need to have completed the final exam and received Udacity’s Certification of Accomplishment; they will also have to take a proctored Pearson exam, offered by Udacity through Pearson VUE’s secure testing center.

CSU-Global accepts transfer students who have more than 12 collegiate credit hours for Bachelor’s degree completion. Udacity students who fulfill the requirements will receive three credit hours towards their elective credit requirements for their Bacelor’s degree upon admission to the university.

For questions regarding CSU-Global admissions criteria, please contact their Admissions Department by emailing admissions[at]csuglobal[dot]edu.

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  1. Very good news for Udacity! If Udacity can repeat this with more courses, it will be a much cheaper alternative to provide college credits.But I think that to be successful, Udacity should look a little less "nerd" and a little more academic. I love "geek culture", but I think even the image that used seemed to be better than Udacity current aspect.I

  2. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY GLOBAL CAMPUS:What you have done is a revolution.You are the problem solver not problem creators like many colleges in the USA.You accepted UDACITY certificate as a transferred credit toward a degree program in your university. Same has been done byUniversity of Freiburg in GermanhyUniversity of Salzburg in AustriaThat

  3. There is also MITx HARVARDX and CourseraAll colleges should use these opportunity and save up to 50 % from the tuition. Also do your own exam at your college in order to save money from PEARSON .

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