Udacious September Announcements

It’s been an exciting summer, Udacians!  Here at Udacity, we have remained focused on what has been–and will always be–our top priority: providing the highest quality educational experience to you, our student.

We have been furiously recording, editing, re-recording, and re-editing to bring you three new classes: Differential Equations, Software Debugging, and How to Build a Startup. On October 1, we will also be releasing a class on Computational Theory.

But a good education is more than quality classes, and with this in mind we’ve been focusing on some of these other components as well.

  • To support the grassroots collaboration that’s already been happening, we recently held our first Global Meetup, where thousands of students met in over 400 cities around the world to socialize, exchange ideas on education, and form study groups. We hope the meetings will lead to more study groups forming and we will continue provide tools for you through both meetup.com and through our site, starting with downloadable flyers.
  • To give our students a chance to share their incredible creations with their classmates, we launched the Udacity Showcase. Any projects, code, and other content created from classes can be shared for feedback and as starting points for further collaboration.  Check out each others’ work and post your own!
  • We also want to continue to provide meaningful end experiences for students that go beyond the hard work and learning that happens, whether through employment opportunities or by finding a path towards credit. We were happy to announce that Colorado State University-Global Campus started offering credit for students who complete Introduction to Computer Science and pass the proctored exam. We hope that will be the first of many other options to come.

Happy September and stay tuned for more Udacious developments coming soon!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15011439271927806265 Kurt Van Etten

    I noticed that on the email with the September announcements, it was signed off with a stylized U that I hadn't seen before. Is that a new Udacity logo? The U is shaped kind of funny–is it supposed to represent something (beyond being the first initial)?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16902758749850409906 Sovietaced

    Awesome stuff, looking forward to getting started on the debugging course and the startup course has been phenomenal so far!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14124091273229863235 Tiny

    Great Stuff Udacity.How this venture is going on is really really awesome. It gives a really awesome oppurtunity free of cost to all netizens.I firmly beleive It will shape the future of online learning in an extremely positive way.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01197649131264739511 Liberty Silvagni

    Thanks for this post!