Sebastian Thrun wins Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award in Education for Udacity work!

We were honored to hear that Sebastian has won the inaugural Smithsonian Ingenuity Award in Education for Udacity!

As one of nine winners, we’re honored to be in the company of such folks as Esperanza Spalding, Elon Musk, Benh Zeitlin, Bryan Stevenson, Pardis Sabeti, Jim Anderson, Anne Kelly Knowles, and high school sophomore, Jack Andraka (amazing!).

The full article, How Artificial Intelligence Can Change Higher Education, can be found here.

  • Unknown

    Sir,I am happy to see that.Because of Udacity, I chose my semester project as search engine. I didn't know even a bit of designing a search engine. I chose the project because of Udacity. I am thankful

  • fER Sarr

    Congrats Sebastian! Udacity rocks!!

  • Nasser Khelloufi

    Congratulations teacher :)

  • Tom

    Congratulations! Well deserved.

  • k. kameo

    woww congrats Sebastian ,proud to be your student .

  • Satendra Tiwari

    Respect for Udacity TeamUdacity rocks!! and so does the whole team :)

  • Emanuel-Liviu Paraus


  • Hape Etzold

    Congratulations Sebastian. Stay udacious. You and Udacity helped me to live my mission. God bless you.

  • qntmfred

    Well deserved. Congrats!

  • Sarah53

    Congratulations and thank you, Sebastian! You make the world a better place!

  • Melody Chalkley

    Thank you Sebastian for being the innovative education leader opening up the space for teacher leaders and policy changers like myself to help change the world!

  • Ram

    I think Thurn has been at the forefront of this movement..He deserves this award and many more to come..I hope he carries his ambition and ingenuity to any other work he might start down the line

  • Rafael

    Congratulations! Udacity has improved the lifes of thousands of people including mine. Thank you for believing

  • ama

    Congratulations! Sebastian, You deserve the title. Thank you for Udacity!!