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HTML5_ImageWe’re pumped to have launched our HTML5 Game Development course and hope you’re enjoying it (if you’re not taking it, go sign up now)! We had a great time talking about it yesterday on Google Developers Live — if you missed it, you can check out the conversation here.

This course focuses on building a game in Javascript, the programming language recognized in every modern web browser.

We’ll discuss how to draw and animate your game, how to do player interaction, and more. By the end, you’ll be familiar with a lot of the tricks and standard practices that game developers use, and be ready to apply them in building your own games!

In addition to that, we’ll be running some exciting projects alongside the course!

First, we’re excited to announce a contest focused around the course! The goal of this contest is to build your own game using the knowledge and skills you’ve gained from the course. To enter the contest you should check out summary and link to the official rules here. That’ll give you the full rundown on how to enter, who is eligible (and who isn’t), rules for submission and other details. If you enter, you’re agreeing to those rules, so you should seriously read them ;).  Contest submissions must be posted by April 8, 2013 to be eligible for the contest.

We’ll be selecting winners in the following categories with the listed prizes:

  • Best Overall Game will win the Grand Prize: airfare, hotel accommodation, and travel to Mountain View, CA for guest participation in a Udacity course and a single attendee pass (non-transferable) to the Google I/O 2013 event.
  • Most Innovative Game: One Chromebook (or comparable item)
  • Best Style Game: One Chromebook (or comparable item)
  • Most Impressive Performance Game: One Chromebook (or comparable item)
  • Most Fun Game: One Nexus 7 tablet (or comparable item)
  • Most Educational Game: One Nexus 7 tablet (or comparable item)
  • Best Use of Physics: One Nexus 7 tablet (or comparable item)

We’re also really excited to announce a study group for the first eight weeks of the course. The study group will be hosted at Google’s San Francisco office, and we’ll be there to answer any questions you might have and help you out with the course. Space is limited, but if you are interested in attending, fill out this form.

If you don’t live around San Francisco, or can’t make it for whatever reason, don’t worry, because we’ll be livestreaming the study group as well. See this post in our wiki for links to the livestream (and archives).

We’d love to see you there, whether in person or over the intertubes!

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31 thoughts on “HTML5 Game Development News

  1. Looks good! In the rules, it says that you need to be over 18 to enter.It says that if you're under 18, you can work with an over 18 on it, and submit it like that.If we were then to win, would the under 18 be able to collect the reward, or would it have to be the over 18?Thanks :)

  2. Wow it got more interesting :) I was thinking to make a simple game for portfolio anyways. Hm. But did I understood right that its may be limmited to participants in certain regions? Shat about EU citizens?Also another question. Seems to me that games must have no strings attached and portable? What if it will be attachex to some kind online persistant thing like global highscores script

  3. >You realize that everyone is just giving up on the course because of the completely broken testing / submitting system, right?+1Please,write to the blog when you fix it. Until submitting system is not working I see no reasons for taking this course=(

  4. The actual instruction on why things are done is fine, the instruction on HOW to do them is quite lacking. Plus the submission feedback needs to be far, far more then "test X failed." A good idea, but this course needs some serious filling out.The timing for the contest seems REALLY short, like just a week or two after the end of the course. Might be different if many of

  5. Yeah, I don't think the course will be done by the contest deadline. There is only 5 1/2 weeks till the end of March with 5 lessons left and only 1/3rd of lesson 2 posted.

  6. This is my first Udacity course and overall I like it and am not dissuaded by the hiccups in the test system. But I dearly wish that as you progressed in the course you got access to reference pages of completed code or snippets of stuff we've built on. It is a major aggravation to have to go back to earlier videos just to witness bits of code I'd like to recall, which I then can't

  7. Will the course be finished a month before the Contest Deadline? I don't think so, so the contest deadline should be extended, because until we learn everything till the end of the course, we will not be sure of where to start building our game and what will be the best practices to do so. So please think on extending the contest deadline, so that we have gone through the course completely.<

    • I don't think it's going to be an issue. A lot of the development isn't going to be actual coding time, it's going to be design, structure, etc. You should have plenty of time to make a game in that amount of time.

  8. Is there any chances that a game could win multiple prizes. A friend and I are thinking of participating as a team. The rules say that the team submittion will be the individual submittion of each one.

    • It's a great idea to team up with a friend to create a game! Each game submitted will be eligible to win in one of the categories, decided by the judges. You don't need to enter for a specific category — just submit a game and the judges will figure out the rest 😉

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