New Udacity Certificates

We have new certificates!  Certificates are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills on a given topic, whether it’s in our How to Build a Startup Class, Intro to Computer Science, Introduction to Physics, or any of our other classes!

Certificates can be used in a variety of ways. You can share them with potential employers, your school, and even your peers via your social networks (#UdacityCert). You might also print them out to hang on a wall at home.

To download your certificate once you’ve successfully completed your course, go to your My Courses page.

Certificate 1

Your My Courses page displays all the classes you are currently taking.

certificate 2

To download the certificate for a particular course find the course you’ve just completed and click on the details dropdown button, which will give you an overview of the course.

Details box

If you’ve met the requirements to earn a course certificate, you’ll see a link titled ‘Download Udacity Certificate.’ Click on that link to download the certificate.

Certificate 3

Here’s what the certificate looks like.

Once you’ve downloaded the certificate, you’re done with the course.  If you  no longer want the class to display in your current courses click the link thats says “Leave Class”.

certificate 4

By clicking this your class will move to the Past classes section.  Moving a class to past classes does not affect your progress or your ability to review any of the course material at a future date.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 5.05.59 PMIf you’ve earned a certificate already, congratulations!  If you’re still working on a class or want to start a class, we want to encourage you to keep on learning and we’re confident that you’ll earn a certificate soon.

18 thoughts on “New Udacity Certificates

  1. But in the courses page there's an overload of information, at least before you could search quickly for the image/icon of the course now you have to read everything and lose a lot of time.Also what does this thing of moving past classes do? I never understood it, does it really do something? If I click to leave what does that mean, I'm out of the course and all progress and

  2. The "Leave class" button is misleading and should probably be changed to "Complete class" or "Move to past classes". In any case, one shouldn't have to find this blog before being reassured that all progress will not be lost.Like the new certificates though!

    • I agree, there is a difference between currently taking a class, leaving a class, and having completed a class. Perhaps there needs to be a third option?

  3. What if you used a pen-name to sign up to Udacity, or any nickname whatsoever, and once you´re done with a class you need your real name on the certificate, or don´t want the nickname to appear on it? Is this a problem? Can this be fixed?

  4. I would like to ask about the kinds of certificate… Is there still a with higher distinction or not? And I think it would be better if the instructor's signature had a "ph.d" with it, :))

  5. One thing for sure is the authority a CERTIFICATE holds, In this regard, looks add to confidence (employer). Imma give ya an example look at the Stanford University or Harvard certificates, or rather Microsoft Virtual academy certs or Backup Academy Certs. Please add value to it, make it wanted, or desired as if it were the one certificate from Obama himself, do u feel me on this? add serials to

    • Personally, I think the certificate itself is going to be less important than a process for verification. I think very few people are going to look at the physical certificate, they are going to look at the verification of what we've done.The clean lines and modern, simple profile of this certificate speaks to the updated purpose of a Udacity certificate – it is not about the

  6. I don't care if there's a PhD with the instructor's name or not, so long as he/she teaches the course well. But perhaps someday we'll have instructors with a Udacity certificate next to their names instead :)

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