Sebastian Thrun: Expanding College Credit Pilot this Summer!

Really exciting news today: We’re extending our groundbreaking partnership with San Jose State University by offering for-credit summer classes! We and SJSU continue to be committed to broadening access to effective and engaging higher learning through the use of revolutionary educational technology. We’ve seen great promise from our initial pilot (85% retention going into midterms!) and we’re incorporating key learnings this summer to enhance the overall course experience and provide increased support for students.

For this summer session, classes continue to be just $150 — that’s 10% of what most universities here in the U.S. cost — and we’re adding really cool classes too! For just $150, and once you complete the course, you’ll get transferable college credit (to the CSU system and most major U.S. universities):

  • Intro to Programming (newly added)
  • Intro to Psychology (newly added)
  • Elementary Statistics
  • College Algebra
  • Entry-level Math

In addition to the 2 new courses, we’re expanding our enrollment limits to grow the program as well for our existing three courses in Entry-level Math, College Algebra and Elementary Statistics as we learn more and optimize each of these pilot courses.

All of these courses are high-demand general education courses as the pilot’s goal is to increase access to important gateway classes. As we found in a survey, 40% of the pilot’s students stated these courses were the only options they had to take these classes.  As one student wrote us, they were “looking to transfer into SJSU or CSUEB. Math classes are near impossible to get into. Stat 95 was the last class I needed to be eligible to transfer.”And 35% of our students in the pilot shared that they work 30 hours or more outside of class; the pilot program allowed them to learn without impacting their current livelihood. To quote another email we received, “I work a full-time job and have a family. This class is my way to get back on track for a college degree.”More importantly, we have heard these classes are encouraging people to consider higher education more broadly. One student wrote our instructor, “Having the opportunity to participate in this program has invigorated me to consider a possibility I never thought possible, a college degree.”But space is limited, and enrollment ends May 24th, so sign up starting tomorrow to reserve your seat! A huge thanks to the SJSU team, especially the wonderful faculty for all their hard work that made all of this teaching possible. Also, thanks go to the CSU Faculty Association for their direction and support as we slowly grow the pilot and learn more about college credit at scale. This continues to be a true team effort!Yours Udaciously,Sebastian

  • Islambek Muratov

    What about free access for these courses?

    • Kristy Ng

      Hi Islambek: All of our courses will have free access as well. Enrollment also opens tomorrow.

    • Islambek Muratov

      Hi Kristy! Thank you for reply. Hope you will add more STEM courses in the future. :)

    • Islambek Muratov

      I cannot enrole! :( Latest Chrome on Ubuntu 12.04.

    • Kristy Ng

      We're working on some last minute things. Check back soon. Thanks!

  • Gazi Md Rezaul Karim

    what a exciting news!!! As I want to take a computer science degree. What can be great news for me to get a CS degree! It is the best example of "Think outside the box". Heartiest congratulation who are back end of this incident.

  • Audra Graham

    I can't enroll either. Are the classes already full?

    • Kristy Ng

      HI Audra, We working on opening enrollment, working on some last minute things. Check back soon.

  • Eileen Taylor

    Just registered and can't say how excited I am to take stats! They never have it at the right times at my university. I checked…and it transfers! I am stoked!

    • Kerren Dempsey

      That's awesome news, enjoy the class Eileen!

  • FunnyFins

    Is this open to applicants outside US. The registration form does not list other countries.

    • Kristy Ng

      We're working on opening enrollment internationally. Check back for availability.

  • Wiser with Art

    Hi,Can you please provide more info about these classes, for example, how many hours a student is expected to spend on average on it? can the student watch the lectures at any time during the week? are there weekly assignments? do they have a due date? when?…etc Thanks

    • Kerren Dempsey

      Great questions. Our classes are available on-demand, at your convenience during the week. We do hope to have detailed syllabi soon, so check back. Many questions can be answered here: And you can always email if you still have questions.

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