Pakistani Middle School Student on Education, Technology and MOOCs


Khadija Niazi, a 12-year-old Udacity student from Pakistan, has written “Education for All? – A Young Girl’s Proposal and Where MOOCs Fit In,” to discuss the role of technology and MOOCs in combatting the world’s education gap problems. Khadija believes that when it comes to breaking down barriers to education, “MOOCs can certainly bring a great change. They have changed the lives of many students.”Khadija, an avid MOOC student and a proud Udacian, writes, “There are many students who took Udacity’s CS101 and for the first time in their lives realized they had a penchant for computer programming.” She followed up with Udacity to elaborate, “It is a great course for all ages.”  Happy learning to everyone who uses MOOCs to educate themselves!

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