Neil: Shelf Stacker to Software Engineer

We love hearing from students who have taken our courses and leap-frogged into their careers in tech. Meet Neil, who sent a wonderful note about his journey from working as a shelf-stacker to recently starting his first job as a software engineer.



I’ve spent the last 6 years working for ASDA (Wal*Mart) in the UK, applying for 4 jobs every week with no avail. I took Udacity’s Intro to Computer Science course early last year. I’ve always been interested in programming, but never found a course that taught you by doing, and never found that next step.

After taking CS101, I programmed some XNA games, and bought Head First C# and Beginning ASP.NET.

A month ago, I got my first computer/web programming job without a bachelors degree, earning more than twice what I did at Asda, no weekends, no public holidays. My new job involves web development, with ASP.NET and a bit of front-end work with JQuery. I have an amount of trust from my workplace that I’ve never even dreamt of having.

Yesterday, I filled out a form at the dentist, and where it said occupation, I put “software engineer” instead of “shelf-stacker”.

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