Our mission at Udacity is to help you succeed in your career and ultimately transform your life. Even as we’ve evolved from providing free content to now providing both free and paid learning options, our core values remain the same. We work with industry leaders like Google to provide you with the skills that today’s employers are seeking.  We help you prepare for a new job or a new career and we rejoice in your accomplishments.

One way we can further help you reach your goals is to reduce the cost of a Nanodegree. We’re excited to announce a new feature of the Nanodegree program that will give you half of your tuition back when you graduate within 12 months of enrollment.  When this concept was recently launched as a pilot initiative, one of our Data Analyst Nanodegree graduates, Rafael Castillo, took advantage of it and had this to say:


“I was already so pleased with the Nanodegree experience, and getting all of the resources, coaching and project feedback at half price was even better.” tweet

Because of the positive comments we’ve received from our students during the initial testing period, we’re bringing the feature back–for good.  This tuition rebate is now a part of our Nanodegree program and reflects our dedication to our students’ success.

What does this mean for you? It’s simple. If you enroll in a Nanodegree and graduate within 12 months of your enrollment date, you can get half of your tuition back. If you need to pause your learning, we’ll only count the most recent continuous months of your enrollment.

For complete details, please read our full Terms & Conditions.

We want all of our students to successfully unlock their learning potential. With Udacity providing support throughout your Nanodegree journey, now’s the time to invest in your own transformation.

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