Udacity and DiDi Challenge You To Contribute To The World’s First Open-Source Self-Driving Car!

Udacity DiDi Self-Driving Car Challenge

On March 8, 2017, it was announced to the world from the stage of Intersect 2017 that Udacity and DiDi were partnering to sponsor a $100k Self-Driving Car Challenge. To which the world has since responded: challenge accepted!

Over 1000 teams have signed up to compete in the challenge, with registrants coming in from the US, China, India, Canada, Germany, the UK, Japan, and more. The final deadline to register is April 21, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST, but the clock is already ticking! Join the competition today, create or join a team, and get ready, because the first round of the challenge starts on March 22nd!

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Calling All International Data Science Enthusiasts: Win $10,000 and a Spot at the IJCAI2017 Conference!

Win $10,000

Udacity is very excited to announce a new competition, and a new partnership!

We are proud to be the exclusive education partner—with e-commerce giant Alibaba—for a new challenge hosted by Alibaba and IJCAI2017, a top conference in AI space, and the main international gathering of researchers in the field.

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Didi and Udacity Team Up for $100K Grand Prize Machine Learning Competition!



Didi Chuxing may be one of the most electrifying companies in the world right now. The Chinese ride-sharing service just received a $1 billion dollar investment from Apple, and is poised to grow significantly in the coming year. Which is why we are thrilled to partner with Didi on the global Di-Tech Algorithm Competition, which boasts a $100K prize for the winner, and perhaps more exciting, the opportunity to join the Didi Research Lab and work on innovations that will affect hundreds of millions of riders.

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Tech Entrepreneurs, Are You Ready For PitchTank?


Are you ready for Udacity’s PitchTank? If you’ve got amazing ideas, have your sights set on an entrepreneurial career, and are motivated to master the necessary skills, then your answer should be yes!

What Is PitchTank?

PitchTank is an amazing new event put on by our Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree program. It’s an exclusive opportunity to pitch your idea to a top investor in a 1:1 session, and compete for a $1000 prize! If your entry is selected, you’ll get to pitch to one of these four PitchTank investors:

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Announcing #6DaysOfiOS!

Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program is open!

Marie Curie, the first woman ever to win a Nobel Prize, once said, “I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.” Wise words unquestionably, but in this case, the way of progress IS swift. Apple Swift, that is!

Of course we’re talking about Swift, Apple’s custom programming language designed specifically for building iOS and OS X apps. If you dream of one day impacting people’s lives on a global scale with the apps you build for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, then learning Swift is definitely somewhere in your pretty near future.

How far away that future is largely depends on whether you already have programming experience. Traditionally, not having any can be a real barrier, and that’s something we’re committed to changing through the launch of our new Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program. This new program represents a revolutionary new experience for Udacity students, and you’ll see the difference right away when you enroll and enter the classroom.

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App Development with salesforce.com

Udacity and salesforce.com have teamed up to build a course that will teach you how to build web and mobile apps and host them in the cloud on Salesforce Platform. Without writing a line of code. Pretty cool, huh?

There are a lot of reasons we’re excited about Introduction to Salesforce App Development: It’s a job relevant class, built together with industry.


Udacity is committed to providing opportunities for our students to learn career-relevant skills and to helping companies meet the ever increasing demand for a tech-savvy workforce.

That’s the whole premise of our Open Education Alliance and we’re really fortunate to be able to collaborate with salesforce.com and other industry leaders on this mission. Whether you’re looking to become a Salesforce developer, hoping to use Salesforce more effectively to get your work done, or just looking to build something, this course is a great first step.

As we built this class, we went out and talked to Salesforce developers at work — one of whom was David Liu, a Salesforce developer at Google. David articulated one of the reasons we’re so enthusiastic about launching this class: “One really cool thing about Salesforce is how quickly you can become a good developer. From not knowing how to code a single line, in six months time you can probably learn enough to get a job as a Salesforce developer.”

And Kim Wallins from Hire On-Demand, a leading recruiting agency for Salesforce talent, pointed out, “Demand for Force.com Developers far exceeds supply. As a result, Force.com Developers are calling the shots. Raking in multiple job offers for both full-time and contracting opportunities, Force.com Developers are dictating pay and a range of perks from employers who are uber-eager for the talent. There has never been a better time to become a Force.com Developer.”

So now is the time to go after that dream job. Get started on that goal with our Introduction to Salesforce App Development. We hope this class will help many of our students along to the next stop in your career in tech!

It’s perfect timing for Dreamforce … We’re so excited about this course, we’re celebrating the launch at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual conference in San Francisco–the largest cloud computing event of the year with 120,000 registrants, including 20,000+ developers. We’re here today — with a booth in the Developer Zone (Moscone West, 2nd Floor). If you’re here, swing by to see us. We’ll be demoing the class and would love to hear about how you use Salesforce, apps you’ve built, or ideas for apps that you might work on after taking this class.

Our CEO, Sebastian Thrun, will be at Dreamforce as well, giving a talk on “Creating a New University” at 4pm tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/19), in the Developer Zone Community Theater.  Come check it out and hear all about Sebastian’s vision of how new approaches to higher education will fundamentally transform society.

… and a $1 Million Hackathon

Yes, you read that right. At the Dreamforce hackathon (happening right now), there’s a $1,000,000 grand prize for building an amazing app (which is exactly what our class will teach you how to do!).

We weren’t kidding when we said there are a lot of reasons to be excited about the class. We’re also excited about other courses Salesforce and Udacity could work on together. While this course focuses on point-and-click development; keep an eye out for more advanced courses on the programmatic side of Salesforce development.

So check out the course today and come see us at Dreamforce if you’re going. Once you’ve started the class, let us know what you’re going to build at social@udacity.com!

Interactive 3D Graphics Class Second Contest Results

The summer in the Northern hemisphere is coming to an end, and something else has ended, too: our second contest for the Interactive 3D Graphics class. There were many awesome entries, and it was hard to pick the winners, but finally here they are:

Note – we replaced the 3D printing model category with Best Simulation category, since the former did not have any takers, and we had several simulation related entries instead.

We had other wonderful submissions as well, such as the 3D Chess game by Yann Granjon, who was one of the winners of the first contest. See here for the complete list.

As you can see, the submissions came from all over the world. If the first contest was heavy on winners from Europe, this time 4 out of 5 winners come from North and South America: