Udacity at SXSW: Your Vote Counts!

SWSW PanelPicker

Why does Udacity want to speak at South by Southwest again this year? Because we’ve got a lot to say, and we want to spread the word about lifelong learning! We have so much to say in fact, that we’re proposing not one, not two, but EIGHT different SXSW panels! Will you help us get there?

It’s Panel Pickin’ Time, Austin-Style!

It all comes down to your votes. SXSW is a democracy of discovery, so it’s your input that will determine who gets to take their message to the streets of Austin, TX! If you haven’t done this before, SXSW has a feature on their website called the PanelPicker, and once you have a PanelPicker account, you get to vote on which panels you want to see at SXSW 2017.

To vote here’s all you need to do:

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It’s All About The Content: Udacity Talks Welcomes Virtual Reality Innovator Eric Darnell

Eric Darnell, Udacity Talks

“It is all about the content.”

So says Eric Darnell, Chief Creative Officer of Baobab Studios. Coming from a film director—which Eric is—this may not be a surprising sentiment. But Eric is in fact one of the preeminent visionaries leading the still-very-new field of Virtual Reality filmmaking, and is unquestionably at the very forefront of technological advances the likes of which we can still hardly imagine. But despite all that innovation, it’s still about the content.

Eric Darnell is our guest for this week’s episode of Udacity Talks, taking place on Wed, June 20th, at 4pm PDT.

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Questions about Android? Ask the Android Experts!

Ask the Android Experts

It’s been a little over two weeks since we launched the Android Basics Nanodegree by Google program, and what an incredible two weeks it’s been! We knew going in we had an incredible team in place, who together built the program from the ground up. Now, we can happily say we have an incredible student body in place as well. We have been literally staggered by the passion, dedication, and dynamism we’ve witnessed, and the quality of work being submitted is so impressive. Best of all, the community is growing and bonding together, as students connect in forums, on Slack, and more.

Ask the Android Experts!

On the subject of connections, we’ve got a great new event to tell you about! It’s a special opportunity to connect directly with the experts from Google and Udacity who built the Android Basics program, and it will be your chance to ask any questions you might have about the Android Basics Nanodegree by Google.

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Careers in Data Science: Women Who Code and Udacity

Women Who Code and Udacity

The pursuit of educational inclusion brings us into close contact with an absolute wealth of wonderful organizations—motivated communities united around the noble goal of ensuring that any and all aspiring learners have the unfettered opportunity to pursue self-empowerment through education.

Women Who Code

Women Who Code is just such an organization, and we were recently able to work with their Silicon Valley chapter on an event that we hosted here at Udacity HQ.

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“What You See Is What You Get”: Udacity Talks Welcomes Polyvore Co-Founder & CEO Jess Lee!

Jess Lee Udacity Talks

Our Udacity Talks series is committed to finding those individuals whose lives and stories will move and inspire our students, and whose achievements and challenges offer real-world examples of how successful careers are built, and how dreams are successfully realized.

We’re extremely excited to host our next guest for Udacity Talks, Polyvore Co-founder & CEO Jess Lee! She joins us for a live video chat on Thursday, June 30th, at 4pm PDT. Be sure to RSVP today to watch the event!

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WWDC 2016 Keynote: All For One, And One For All!


Apple keynotes are always highly anticipated events, and for months in advance the developer community is abuzz with speculation about what will be announced.

So what did Apple announce? Some pretty cool updates to all four major platforms: macOS (formerly OS X), iOS, tvOS, and watchOS; as well as an exciting new way for beginners to learn Swift on the iPad.

But first, Tim Cook took to the stage to express condolences for the tragedy in Florida, and to make a strong statement about the value of diversity in the developer community.

Perhaps appropriate then, that the ultimate theme of the keynote was one of unification, though in this case, it was platform unification. iOS and Mac development have common roots, but while their roads have sometimes diverged, Apple is leading them back together with updates across shared frameworks, libraries, and the Swift language. This will allow iOS developers to more easily switch to Mac development, and vice versa.

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