Forging Your Own Career Path

Getting from Where You Are, to Where You Want to Be

Forging Your Own Career Path - Udacity

Career change isn’t easy. Life change isn’t easy. Change of any kind can be difficult. External obstacles are a fact of life. They can be overcome, but they’re often overwhelming. Sometimes, the biggest obstacles are self-created. We doubt ourselves. We second-guess, lose confidence, falter, and give up. I know all about it. I’ve been through it. The best thing that ever happened to me, was admitting it was my fault. Admitting that I’d failed because I hadn’t been true to myself. That was the beginning of my new life.

If that sounds counter-intuitive, it isn’t. Admitting my own shortcomings empowered me. It gave me confidence, it didn’t erode it. The day I realized I needed to forge my own path, on my terms, was the day I became a success. What follows are the lessons I’ve learned. I share them with you, because I hope they’ll help you forge your own path, and achieve success on your terms.

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Success and Service

How a Two-Time Nanodegree Program Graduate’s Involvement in His Local Tech Community Led to a Machine Learning Job with Disney

Success and Service - Machine Learning - Udacity

Success can be measured in many ways. For some, it’s about money, fame, status. For others, it comes down to whether you can check certain boxes—house, car, spouse, kids, job, etc. For still others, success is about service. For Michael duPont, it was through serving his community that he ultimately achieved his personal goals.

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3 Industries You Probably Didn’t Know Were Using Machine Learning

Agriculture - Machine Learning - Udacity

Say Machine Learning to someone, and if they recognize the term, they’ll probably think, “tech company.” But while the origin stories of transformative technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence often seem to take root in Silicon Valley, the truth is these are industry-agnostic innovations. Their impact is being felt across countless fields you might never have thought of as being ripe for technological advancement. Here are 3 industries already implementing machine learning techniques:

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Learn Social Media Advertising [Free Guide]

social ads guide
This guide is part of the curriculum for the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program—a comprehensive and highly interactive program that teaches you everything you need to know to become a Digital Marketer.

DMND Social Media Advertising GuideReady to learn the ins and outs of advertising on social networks like Facebook and Snapchat? Then download this exclusive free guide our expert digital marketing instructors have created. Paid social marketing strategies have emerged as one of the most consistently effective means to amplify a brand’s message on social platforms, and we want to give you the tools to succeed!

Highly targeted ads on social media help you reach exactly the people who are going to care about your offer, your products, and your services. This ability to target potential readers and customers based on demographic data, behaviors, and very specific interests is the biggest strength of social media ads.

It’s a great way to promote content, advertise products, collect contact information for your email campaigns, or drive traffic to your website or online store.

Get your free copy of the guide today!

  • Enjoy a comprehensive overview of the leading social media advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat
  • Learn how to target specific audiences, budget and schedule your campaigns, and measure the success of your ads
  • Explore unique use cases that demonstrate how and why different strategies succeed

The Social Media Advertising Guide has everything you need to start succeeding with social ads!

Curiosity and Career Change

How One Udacity Student Turned Her Curiosity About Programming Into A Whole New Career

Career Change - Udacity

Every day, we experience new things. New ideas, new people, new concepts, new technologies. Our curiosity gets triggered, and we make mental notes to investigate further. But how often do we actually follow up? What if we acted on just a few of those notes-to-self? What opportunities might we uncover for ourselves? Curiosity is the gateway to growth, but we must be vigilant, and encourage ourselves to act.

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Discovery Week Savings: Your Last Day Checklist

Udacity Discovery Week Savings

Before we bid farewell to Udacity Discovery Week, let’s just go through your checklist one more time …

New Skills For Me: My Checklist

  • Opened and read Discovery Week email. Check.
  • Went to to get the scoop. Check.
  • Had mind blown by all the different Nanodegree programs. Check.
  • Found the perfect program for me. Check.
  • Enrolled. Check.
  • Saved. Check.
  • Set self on path to new future. Check.
  • Bought new Model S

Ok, looks like you’re ready!

For anyone else out there reading this, are you ready to join the thousands of new students who’ve made the commitment to enroll in a Nanodegree program? The thousands of aspiring learners from across the globe who’ve set themselves on the path to a new future? The thousands of focused, determined, and savvy individuals who’ve taken advantage of never-before-seen savings during Udacity Discovery Week?

If not, there’s still time. Not much time, mind you. But there’s still time. Enroll in, or apply to, any Nanodegree program before July 27, 2017, at 11:59pm PT, and you can still save big.

You deserve this. Treat yourself to new skills, and a rewarding new future.


Enroll by July 27 to save up to 50% on Nanodegree programs! Learn more.

Discovery Week Predicts the Future: Deep Learning, Digital Marketing, and more!

Udacity Discovery Week - Deep Learning - Digital Marketing

Sometimes, a revolution is a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, Udacity believes Deep Learning is going to have a revolutionary impact across virtually every industry out there. We believe a new generation of Deep Learning specialists is already on the verge of coming into its own, ready to make significant contributions to the improvement of our world. But is this actually true?

It is now!

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