Announcing 10,000 New Scholarships for Android Developers

Google Android Scholarships

We are very excited to announce 10,000 new Android developer scholarships, funded by Google! This new scholarship initiative is specifically for EU residents who want to become Android developers. 9000 of the available scholarships are earmarked for absolute beginners, and the additional 1000 will be offered to more experienced developers. So whether you’re eager to build your very first app, or ready to take Google’s Android exam to earn your Google certification, we’ve got an amazing new scholarship opportunity for ALL aspiring Android developers in the EU!

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Udacity Talks, Episode 2: Astro Teller


If you look up the word “polymath” in the dictionary and find a picture of Astro Teller, don’t be surprised.

Astro Teller, Udacity Talks

(Astro Teller, Udacity Talks guest, Wed, June 1, 4pm PDT)

Astro Teller: Polymath

Astro Teller holds a Masters of Science in symbolic and heuristic computation, a Bachelor of Science in computer science, and a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence. He has founded or co-founded a hedge fund management firm, a wearable body monitoring company, and an intellectual property holding company. He is the author of several fiction books, and recently co-authored a nonfiction work with his wife. He has taught at Stanford, and was the recipient of the prestigious Hertz fellowship while at Carnegie Mellon University.

Astro Teller:  Captain of Moonshots

And yet! And yet … despite all these remarkable accomplishments, it is undoubtedly his current role that he is most known for:

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7 Courses Built With Google – All For Free!

Built With Google

The Udacity-Google partnership is one of the most valuable assets we provide to our students. Some of our most successful and impactful Nanodegree programs were built with Google, including our Machine Learning Engineer and Android Developer programs. Some of our most successful student events have involved Google, including Intersect 2016 and the Android Developer Career Summit. And some of our most outstanding new courses feature subject-matter experts from Google.

Speaking of new courses with Google, I’d like to introduce you to seven of them, all of which are… wait for it … wait for it … free!

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