The Road To Intersect 2017: Matt Merrifeld Talks Technology and The Nature Conservancy

Road to Intersect - Matt Merrifield- Nature Conservancy - Udacity

When you see the words “nature” and “conservation” do you immediately think “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence?” If so, then you may already know about Matt Merrifield and the work he’s doing with The Nature Conservancy.

If you didn’t expect to see all those words together, then you may be especially intrigued by Matt’s story! Better still, you might want to see him speak at Intersect 2017!

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The Road To Intersect 2017 with Peter Lubbers


The Road to Intersect 2017 Peter Lubbers

At the conclusion of our recent interview with Peter Lubbers, Peter said, “I’m really looking forward to meeting all the students.” I think it’s safe to say, on behalf of Udacity students who will be attending Intersect 2017, they’re excited to meet him too!

You see, Peter Lubbers is the Senior Program Manager for Developer Training at Google. Which means he is in charge of all aspects of Developer Training. At Google! And, he is one of our panel speakers at Intersect 2017!

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Intersect 2017 Panels: The Big Reveal!

Computer History Museum, Intersect 2017
© Mark Richards. Courtesy of the Computer History Museum

Intersect 2017 is just 40 days away, and we are so excited! We are bringing together a phenomenal line-up of speakers, panelists, and hiring partners, all focused on our conference theme—The Jobs of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond!

Speakers include Dr. Steven Abrams from IBM Watson, Dr. Ashwin Ram from Amazon Alexa, Astro Teller from X, Peter Lubbers from Google, Dr. Rana Kaliouby from Affectiva, and more. In addition, representatives from hiring partners such as Mercedes-Benz, Capital One, Samsung, Bosch, Rakuten, and more will be on-hand to meet with attendees.

We’ll also be presenting four amazing panels, and we’re thrilled today to reveal them to you!

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Exploring the Jobs of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond at Udacity’s Intersect 2017 Conference

Udacity Intersect 2017
© Mark Richards. Courtesy of the Computer History Museum

On March 8th, 2017, a remarkable group of influential and innovative leaders will join representatives from some of the world’s top employers to discuss the jobs of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

They’ll address new and existing skills, and their relative demand today and in the future. They’ll discuss viable and changing learning paths, and offer projections on the most effective ways to prepare for entry into burgeoning new fields.

This special event is Udacity Intersect 2017, a day-long global conference held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. It is open to the public, and will offer exclusive opportunities for engagement, connection, and interaction.

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