How the Machine Learning Scholarship Program for Microsoft Azure Changed Students’ Lives (Part 1)

As a students-first organization, we strive to transform our learners’ lives every day. All of our Nanodegree programs and scholarships are guided by this one mission: To train the workforce in the careers of the future.

Our partnership with Microsoft aligned with this mission and we were thrilled to launch the Machine Learning Scholarship program for Microsoft Azure. Soon after we added the DevOps Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program and Developer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program

Little did we know that this partnership could positively impact the lives of so many students. We’re pleased to work with Microsoft on the Machine Learning Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program, and we’re also inspired by the students that have used this opportunity to gain new skills. 

To celebrate our learners, we selected a handful of empowering stories from students who participated in the first phase of the scholarship program. And as you read these testimonials, we hope that you’re inspired to further your education — regardless of the program.

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The Future of the Workforce: Hiring Will Be Based on Skills Rather Than Degrees

Big changes are coming to the workforce in the next two years, as it’s expected that 42% of the core skills needed to perform existing jobs will change. This means we’re likely looking at a future where your skills are more important than the degrees you hold. 

With this shift, more people wil look to online learning to uplevel their skills and to help gain the practical, hands-on experience employers will be looking for. 

Here’s a look at why this shift is happening, and how online learning can help you get ahead of the curve.

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Learn to Develop Better Android Apps With Udacity’s New Android Kotlin Developer Nanodegree Program

The demand for Kotlin developers has reached a fever pitch — after all, Android Development is Kotlin-first — and to accommodate the need for more professionals with these skills, we’re launching our all-new Android Kotlin Developer Nanodegree program

In May 2019, Google announced that Android application development will become increasingly Kotlin-first, which is a boon for developers as Kotlin is versatile, concise, and easier to test and maintain. 

Since Google first announced its support for Kotlin at I/O 2017, the programming language has quickly gained traction among the developer community. 

Android Kotlin Developer Nanodegree Program

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Using APIs With Computer Vision

With theaters and other public venues slowly reopening around the world, it is crucial that everyone adhere to mask-wearing to avoid further lockdowns. But how could we verify whether people really are following this rule? We could employ ushers or security personnel to act as enforcers — or we could build a computer vision application to check if everyone is wearing masks at all times, and which signals to us whenever someone isn’t. 

This scenario is one of many examples of the uses of computer vision systems. In this article, we will show you how you can use APIs to embed computer vision in your own applications.

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How Great Graphic Design Drives Digital Marketing

Think back to a time when something visually stuck with you. Maybe it was an art exhibit at a museum or a mural painted on a city wall. You may not be able to describe what was so striking about the piece and what made it gain permanent residence in your memory, but you know you’ll never forget it.

Creating engaging, unique visual graphics — all built around a brand — has the same effect and is key to modern digital marketing. In the same way that a jingle or funny commercial can stick in your head for decades, visuals can do the same. 

What company wouldn’t want people to be visually drawn to their ads? The thing is, visually stunning advertisements don’t just appear. They take creativity, purpose, thought, and great graphic design.

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Student Stories: Udacity’s Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree Program Scholarship Helps Students Get Into New Fields

At Udacity, we’re proud to launch scholarship programs, often in partnership with major tech companies, to support those learners who want access to new skills. And, our Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree Program Scholarship in collaboration with Nutanix was a welcome addition to our collection of programs.

In fact, as we launched the Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree program scholarship, we discovered that this program attracted really passionate students from across the globe, in different industries with different experiences. 

We want to celebrate these students as well as the launch of the Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree program, and share their experiences so that it may inspire others to reinvest in their education to be ready for the new world of work. 

Udacity’s Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree Program

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