making-math-matterIn addition to Loviscach’s course, Making Math Matter, Udacity is also excited to release Andreas Zeller’s Software Debugging: Automating Boring Tasks. Why learn to debug with Udacity? Zeller says, “Far too many people waste far too much time on debugging. Yet, debugging is hardly ever taught at school. With Udacity, I can help every developer learn to debug more systematically, more effectively — and sometimes even automatically.”

Zeller is a computer science professor at Saarland University in Germany. His work on debugging has had an impact on all types of programmers. Among Linux and Unix programmers, Zeller is best know for GNU DDD, a debugger front-end with built-in data visualization. Among academics and advanced professionals, he is best known for Delta Debugging, a technique that automatically isolates failure causes for computer programs.

By teaching with Udacity, Zeller states, “Through Udacity, I can reach more people than I could have in my classroom throughout my career. And my audience is not just enrolled students — anyone interested in programming (an debugging!) can take the course!”

In this course, you will learn how to debug programs systematically, how to automate the debugging process, and by the end of this course you will have built several automated debugging tools in Python. More importantly, as Zeller points out, “Whenever we program, we occasionally make mistakes, and therefore, debugging is inseparable from programming. Better debugging makes you a better programmer and therefore, this knowledge is key to all sorts of software development.”

If you are interested in taking this course, you should know basic programming (as taught in Intro to Computer Science), mostly because you will be building automated debugging tools. But as Zeller says, “If you always hated debugging, you’re the perfect audience!”

Check out Zeller’s course in the trailer below and Enroll Today!