Udacity’s Secondary School Challenge has been receiving a lot of great positive feedback from students taking courses this summer. In fact, 99% of students who responded to a recent survey said that they would like to continue taking Udacity classes, even during future summer vacations!

Fueled by student momentum, the STEMx network of high schools and Ohio’s eSTEM Academy in Reynoldsburg have announced that they will be enrolling 41 students in Udacity’s Intro to Statistics class and 49 students in Udacity’s Intro to Physics class for fall semester credit. This will allow eSTEM to tap into off-site teaching talent and help drive high school students to excel in college-level courses.

With just one month left before the winners of Udacity’s Secondary School Challenge are determined, we are excited to announce that we have expanded the number of winning teams from five to seven! Also, stay tuned because in the next two weeks we will announce the rankings for units completed per team, which will ultimately determine the winning teams.

Below are the highlights from the survey given to challenge participants:

  • 71% of participants are high school students
  • Over 75% of participants are enrolled in Intro to Computer Science, over 50% in Intro to Statistics, and around 40% in Intro to Physics
  • 99% of students polled said they are likely to continue taking Udacity classes after the challenge and during future summer vacations

We look forward to seeing how many courses students around the world will complete this summer and hearing about the skills, projects, and insights from their experience.