There’s just one more week left for students completing the Secondary School Challenge! It’s been incredibly competitive with over 2,500 students participating on more than 400 teams around the world. As of last week, 10,000 Udacity class units had been completed and progress continues to mount in these final days of the challenge. The highest scoring team so far, Team Renaissance, has completed over 800 units since the start of the challenge on June 25.

Kenny Song, one of the team leaders for Team Renaissance, has recruited about 147 students to join the team. Song has been ambitious this summer — he has already completed four Udacity courses with highest distinction, and is currently working on two more.

“Udacity classes are a way to learn things I wouldn’t be learning in school. Also, I have a summer internship that involved a lot of data analysis, statistics, and programming. I was actually using what I learned from Sebastian in Intro to Statistics in my work! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to use a concept that I”ve learned to create something in real life,” Song says.

Enthusiasm surrounding this challenge has been inspiring! Subsequent to the large number of students who are participating in the challenge, more than 200 students have inquired with their schools about receiving credit for taking Udacity classes. This follows in the footsteps of the Reynoldsburg, Ohio high school’s announcement earlier this month that they will be enrolling 90 students in Udacity’s Intro to Physics and Intro to Statistics courses for the upcoming Fall semester for credit.

If you are interested in learning about how to approach your school about getting credit for taking Udacity classes, contact Jason Soll, Challenge Coordinator, by emailing Jason at Udacity dot com.