Organized by Udacity students, Udacity Meetups are the best way to find other local students motivated by curiosity and a love of learning. Get together to study, hang out, ask questions, share ideas or even build the next “big thing!”

Start organizing and studying together TODAY! Here are three simple steps for finding or organizing a Meetup in your area:

1. Find or organize a Meetup. Check out our Meetup page, where you can view a list of Meetups that have already been organized. If you see a Meetup in your area, click the red button to show your interest.

If you do not see a Meetup in your area, add your city by entering it in the location field below the map.

2. Let everyone know. Post comments on the Meetup events page, Udacity’s Facebook Page, and on Twitter using the hashtag #MeetUdacity. Comments posted to the Meetup events page will be sent to those who show interest.

3. Confirm the event. Once all of the event details are ironed out, the organizer should confirm the event.

For updates on emerging Meetup groups:

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After your event, share your photos on our Flickr Group!

If you have any questions, let us know by emailing:

Stay tuned for more information on the first Udacity Global Meetup Day, coming up on September 15th.