Today, Udacity is proud to launch Udacity Showcase, a platform where Udacity students can put their original projects on display. This project was conceived and built by one of Udacity’s own Web Development students, Gian Carlo Martinelli from Brazil. In collaboration with Udacity’s all-start intern Anthony Teate, Martinelli has been helping to redefine and refine his project. Martinelli states, “I originally built this to scratch my own itch, since I was curious about projects that other Udacians were working on.”

In addition to Web Development, Martinelli has also completed Intro to Computer Science. Before taking Udacity classes he studied Business Administration and has been studying computer science consistently for the past year. He states, “Udacity gave me the confidence that I could build something — that I could start with nothing, take the problem apart and solve it step-by-step.”

Udacity Showcase is a website that gives students the opportunity to show off projects they’ve created from what they have learned in their Udacity courses. The platform makes it easy for students to post their projects and share them with the world. Just create an account, submit a title, screenshot, description, and link for your project — then you’re done!

Each project page allows for students to comment on projects, to provide suggestions, improvements, note any bugs or errors, and any other constructive criticism. It also allows students to submit a link to either view or download a project, so they are free to link to a Github, Bitbucket, or any other open-source project hosting website. This way students can view, clone, and fix/improve the original project.

Udacity is so excited to provide this platform for our students. Teate notes that, “I’m amazed at what Udacity students are capable of, and I’ve seen their projects on the forums. But the forums aren’t necessarily designed to showcase work, especially if all of the projects are scattered throughout one thread. With this platform, Gian and I wanted to give students a place to post their projects, know that they would be seen, and make it easy for them to gather feedback on their work — in short, make it easy for them to show off!”

Note: Currently, anyone can sign up on Udacity Showcase to submit a project. User accounts on Udacity Showcase are not tied in with accounts on Udacity, so you have to create another account. (We hope to compensate for this in the future with something like OpenID).