Happy holidays, Udacians!  For those who may have missed our December newsletter, we had a few quick announcements. We know many of you have been anticipating the start dates for some of our newest courses.  Well, mark your calendars!

We had a great 2012 and are looking forward to the challenges that 2013 has to bring. We want to thank all of our students for taking courses, participating in the Udacity community and sharing stories. You’ve truly made it an exciting year for us. With January around the corner, it’s time for New Years resolutions. We want to encourage you to make Udacity and lifelong learning part of your 2013 resolutions. Enroll in a course and share your goals with us at #UdacityGoals. We’ve put together some tips to help you stay motivated.

In 2013 we look forward to hearing more from our students.  If you’d like to help shape the future of Udacity sign up for our feedback program.  Also, for the latest updates, follow us on Twitter, like us for Facebook or sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.

Udacious New Year to all and see you in January!