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We are excited to share with you the redesign of the Udacity website!  Our goals are to offer an improved look and feel and a seamless and consistent experience.  The new design is founded on these key design principles:

Simplicity:  Clarity in an interface is imperative for a great learning environment.  To that end we have created a new look and feel that relies on the content to provide the structure of the page and reduce unnecessary distractions and adornment.  We have also eliminated clutter to allow students to focus on the most important content, while keeping tools for navigating to other parts of the course and site on hand.

homepage subway_nav

Integration:   At-a-glance tools are offered in the interface for easy access to the information you need.  My Courses gives you a quick overview of your progress within a class for all the classes you’re taking.  Discussions are integrated on the Classroom page below the video so you can see what other students are saying about the class.

My_Courses Discussion_module

Responsiveness:  Recognizing that there are a plethora of ways to consume content on the internet, we have employed the most modern web technologies to offer a responsive, elastic interface, which scales and changes based on your browser screen size.  We have also addressed latency issues which has improved real and perceived responsiveness on the site.

We strive to offer the best online learning experience for students with each change we make to the site.  We will continue to evolve and improve the site experience.  If you have feedback, please email us at

Irene Au
VP Product and User Experience