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Hayden-Profile-PicWe have a success story that we’re very excited to share.  Like many other Udacity students, Hayden Lee has really applied what he learned in class.  Here’s his story.

Hayden is a junior at Virginia Tech who entered college studying mechanical engineering. After a year in school, he had a great idea for a website but had no idea how to create it.  After thinking about it for a month or so, he decided to learn how to code the website himself.  He stumbled on Udacity and began his journey in CS101: Intro to Computer Science.   He soon completed this class and moved on to CS253: How to Build a Blog.  As he got more experience programming, he realized how much he enjoyed it and as a result of his Udacity experience, he changed his major to computer science.

He was able to put his Udacity programming skills to use when he, like Andrew B. attended Startup Weekend in Blacksburg, Virginia.  There he formed a team and created a product that helps college professors take advantage of interactive test-taking on mobile devices. Hayden stated that, “Using the skills I learnt from Udacity about web app design, I was able to contribute immensely to our project.” His team ended up finishing the weekend in second place and launched a company.

Four months later, his company Pivotal Testing created a tool that has been piloted in a course at Virginia Tech taught by John Boyer.  In the pilot, there were 60,000 questions answered from 2,500 students. He is currently in the process of implementing this with other professors at Virginia Tech.

Hayden is currently working through EP245: How to Build a Startup and CS262: Building a Web Browser.  We wish Hayden and Pivotal Testing good luck!  We also want to encourage other students like you to be inspired and “Learn. Think. Do” to get the most of what you’ve learned at Udacity.  And feel free to share your stories with us at social (at)!