Robot_for_contestIf you’re taking our Interactive 3D Graphics class, you are going to learn a ton and create some amazing interactive graphics.  And we are really pumped to announce a contest that will give you a chance to earn bragging rights (and some other cool stuff) by creatively showing what you’ve learned in the class.

In order to show off in this contest, you must be enrolled in the class (so if you haven’t signed up for this course, go do it now!) and adhere the full terms and conditions. There are several different categories you can choose to compete in and prizes range from the seminal “Real-Time Rendering” book signed by co-author Eric Haines (who is also the instructor for this class), Udacity t-shirts, and gift cards at Shapeways for 3D printing. If you want to participate make sure you read and agree to the contest terms (yes, you have to read them) and take note of the deadlines.

Here’s how the contest breaks down:

There will be two phases to the contest.  The first phase aligns with the first half of the course (Units 1-5) and the categories for that phase of the contest map fairly closely to the course content. You can do things like create a new class in three.js for a tube object, or model the Udacity robot or a “Drinking Bird”.

The second phase of the contest will begin in May and will give you a lot of freedom to be creative and flex your new interactive rendering muscles. Categories for submissions range from “Best Style”, to “Best Animation”. There’s also an opportunity to win some gift cards to do your own 3D printing at Shapeways — a leading 3D Printing marketplace and community who we are very excited to have help with supporting this contest.  They’re helping folks make and share designs with the world, and making product design more accessible — which is a darn good thing.

To learn more about the contest, be sure to check out the the 3D Graphics contest page (and read the full terms and conditions before you submit anything). Here’s your chance to be creative and apply what you’ve learned in class.  We’re excited to see what you come up with, so get started!