Udacity is a great place to learn because of our amazing student community, which is constantly buzzing with inspirational stories. We especially love hearing from Udacians who have discovered worlds previously unknown to them, such as programming!


Today, we’d like you to meet Francisco, who took a first look at programming in Python with our CS101 course and today is working towards a masters degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Information Assurance at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Francisco, who graduated in 2011 from Santa Clara University with a degree in Economics, knew that he wanted to return to school to advance his career, but he wasn’t sure what path he wanted to take. In 2012, he heard about internships available in the STEM fields at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Francisco was accepted to an internship in operations research work, which required Python. One of Francisco’s professors recommended Udacity’s Introduction to Computer Science course as a gateway to programming in Python, and the rest is history. Francisco says, “Programming wasn’t on my radar — it wasn’t part of the world I knew,” but he loved the feeling of building something and seeing it run.

After the internship, Francisco pursued his new passion by applying for a scholarship at the Naval Postgraduate School’s masters program in Computer Science with an emphasis in Information Assurance. When Francisco graduates, he will work for a federal or state agency in cyber security. He also plans to continue his education at Udacity and is taking Web Development and Introduction to Programming in Java.

If you’re inspired to jump start your journey in programming, check out our Course Catalog and get started today! Stay Udacious, and happy learning!