At Udacity, we love to hear from students who have caught the “programming bug” from our courses, and who take extra steps to showcase their new skills to the world! Whether you’re broadcasting your new expertise to get into your career in tech or to get into college, consider creating an online portfolio for your accomplishments.

Today we’d like to introduce David Lipowicz, a 17-year-old Udacian hailing from the UK who made his own website,, to share his personal projects – websites, music, games, design – work experience, and Udacity courses.


As you can see from his website, David has used his knowledge of computer science to explore several side projects. David also makes it easy for the reader to see he’s taken Intro to Computer Science, Intro to Theoretical Computer Science, Intro to Statistics, and Programming Languages, and he’s shared his course completion certificates for each of these courses.Screen-Shot-2013-07-08-at-3.18.14-PM

David recently graduated from high school and intends on continuing his studies in computer science at the University College London. David notes that Udacity courses were “really useful in the university application process, as well as being really interesting,” and we are totally impressed with his website. Can’t wait to see what you do next, David!

Udacity, what courses have you completed and how do you share your certificates with others?