Build a web app with a GREAT mobile experience — we’ve just launched our new Mobile Web Development course, in partnership with the Google Chrome Developer team, to teach you everything you need to get started with mobile web development!

Udacity course architect Sean Bennet with Chris Wilson and Peter Lubbers of the Google Chrome Developer Relations team.

In Mobile Web Dev you’ll learn best practices for building great mobile web experiences in a self-paced, online class.  Over 12 lessons, we’ll teach you important stuff like adaptation to different sized screens on mobile devices, touch interaction, optimizing field input, and using APIs for cool features that require geolocation or the accelerometer. You’ll also learn to investigate performance issues, to understand mobile networking and battery usage patterns, and to create smooth animations. The best part is, by the end of this class, you will have built a web app with an amazing mobile experience (which is awesome not only because you’ll have learned new things, but also because it could really help you move forward in your career)!

Starting in January 2014, you’ll be able to take the full course experience, available at a monthly fee (we estimate it will take most students roughly one month to complete Mobile Web Dev). The full course experience includes ongoing project feedback on your mobile web app, one-on-one guidance from coaches, and a verified course certificate upon completion. Like always, our basic course material, including interactive lessons and quizzes, is available for free! 

We can’t wait to see the first-class mobile experiences you’ll create in this course. Share Mobile Web Dev with your friends and start learning today. See you in class!