One reason life-long learners love Udacity is flexibility. With our self-paced courses, you learn what you want, when you want.

Today, we’re introducing another great tool to give you more flexibility in choosing where you want to learn: a mobile learning experience.

I joined Udacity 5 months ago as the Director of Mobile to start the journey of bringing our incredible courses to mobile devices. We’ve reached a major milestone and we are thrilled to launch our first mobile app: Udacity for iPad!

iPad is an amazing device, and a great opportunity to experiment with how a classroom can work with touch. We’ve built the iPad app to take full advantage of the tablet medium, and Udacity for iPad is a relaxed and immersive experience where you can learn with more flexibility than ever before. My personal favorite place to learn has now become my couch, where I use AirPlay to stream videos to my TV.

This is only our first step, and we have ambitious plans for updates and expanding to new platforms. Udacity for iPad supports:

  • Watching video lectures
  • Taking quizzes
  • Completing programming exercises
  • Viewing our free courseware

Your feedback will shape the way we build Udacity for other mobile platforms (Android users, your app is on the way!) so we would love to hear what you think.

Oliver CameronDirector of Mobile, Udacity