We made a Udacity version of the game, click to play!

If you haven’t played it yet, there’s a massively addictive game going around the internet. It’s called 2048.

This game is open-source, so anyone can download the source code, make some changes, and have their own personalized version of the game in minutes.

We’ve launched the first lesson of a two hour mini course, Make your own 2048: Your Tiles. Your Styles, where you’ll learn to modify existing code to create your own version of 2048.

And you don’t need any programming background! We’ll guide you in making your own completely personal version of the game. In the process, you’ll learn:

  • How a “real” program works, at least from a big picture point of view.
  • What HTML, CSS, and Javascript are and how they interact to make a functioning web application.
  • How to make small changes to HTML and CSS files that have very large changes in a program.
  • How to use Github to make a copy of an open-source program, make changes to that copy, create your own version, and then host that version so you can share it with your friends.
  • Why open-source is such an amazing idea!


If you need more convincing, try playing the Udacity version of the game or the original game by Gabriele Cirulli. Be warned though: you may spend the next few hours or days or weeks absorbed in this game. You may want to grab some food and let your friends know you might be out of contact before clicking.
Slide on, Udacians. Your tiles. Your styles.

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