We are thrilled to introduce our newest course, Intro to Object Oriented Programming: Beyond Hello World! The course opens on April 23, 2014, and you can save a seat by pre-enrolling today.

What will you learn? Great question! We’ll let your course instructor, Kunal, show you the course map and the big ideas you’ll learn together: functions, classes, and object oriented programming.

In this introductory programming course, you will take a deep dive into Object Oriented Programming, a technique used by software engineers to reuse and share code. You’ll learn key programming concepts, and you’ll practice your skills by creating mini projects in every lesson.

We’ve heard that programming can be intimidating for newcomers, and we’ve created this course to make sure you have a great learning experience. No surprises or leaps of logic — you’ll learn by doing real world projects that reinforce and build on the foundational programming concepts covered in this course.

Happy learning! Save your seat today for our April 23rd launch!

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