Ilya Grigorik explaining the Critical Rendering PathModern consumers
Ilya Grigorik explaining the Critical Rendering PathModern consumers

expect fast online experiences. Speed is a feature – as Google Web Performance Engineer and Developer Advocate Ilya Grigorik writes, speed is “a requirement driven by empirical results, as measured with respect to the bottom-line performance of the many online businesses.” Better performance leads to better engagement and more conversions.

Is optimizing for speed part of your web developer toolbox yet? We’ve teamed up with Google to teach you how to integrate this performance mindset into your web development.

Check out our latest mini course, Website Performance Optimization, created with Ilya Grigorik, who has also authored the seminal High Performance Browser Networking (O’Reilly, 2013).

In the course, you’ll learn that there’s no secret formula to make a website render lightning fast. You’ll discover performance optimizations by demystifying how browsers work and breaking down the critical rendering path, or the set of steps that every browser takes to convert HTML to pixels on the screen. You’ll analyze page rendering with Chrome Developer Tools and make sense of PageSpeed Insights recommendations to start building lightning fast websites right away.

As with all Udacity courses, you’ll learn by doing. In your final project, you’ll build and optimize your own online portfolio, showcasing your work, and your new performance optimization skills.

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