I remember starting engineering school and dreading the differential equations course I’d eventually have to take. Upperclassmen loved to taunt us with horror stories about professors talking a million miles a minute in math jargon and coursework so abstract and complicated that problems felt meaningless.

This is not that course.

Differential Equations in Action will teach you to create solutions to systems of differential equations using numerical approximation methods, which we’ll code in Python.

The methods you’ll learn in this class are the same ones that physicists, engineers, biologists, economists, social scientists, and professionals in many other fields rely on every day in their work.

We’re very excited to now begin offering Coaching support and Verified Certificates for Differential Equations in Action. With the paid course, your personal Coach will be available to help you set learning goals and work through any problems you may be stuck on. Plus, after passing an assessment completing the course, you’ll earn a snazzy Verified Certificate to show off your new knowledge. See you in class!

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