Google Leap Day
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Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gosh, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!” Or, found yourself wishing, “If only there were eight days a week!” Well, now you’re in luck. It’s a Leap Year, and that means you’ve got an intercalary day!

But remember, this phenomenon happens only once every four years. So you want to make it really count. Why not take an incredible leap forward, and start yourself on the path to your dream career?

Enroll in a Nanodegree program on February 29th [through March 1] using this link, and you’ll receive a 29% discount on your first monthly tuition payment! 

Ask our graduates, and the recruiters that hire them—Nanodegree credentials change lives. And you’ve got a real opportunity to change yours as well. All it takes is getting started. Once you enroll, we become your partner from that point forward, and we don’t stop working for you until you’ve got the job!

Starting now and through tomorrow at 11:59pm PST on March 1, you’re going to go to, you’re going to select the Nanodegree program that’s right for you, and you’re going to enroll. (Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered whether you’re a total beginner brand-new to programming, or an advanced data master ready for machine learning!). If you clicked on this URL, your discount will automatically be applied, and then you’re going to receive a 29% discount on your first month’s tuition payment!

This amazing opportunity is as rare as an intercalary day, so take advantage of this gift of extra time, and use it to do something really incredible for yourself.

Ok, ok, here you go:




  1. (of a day or a month) inserted in the calendar to harmonize it with the solar year, e.g., February 29 in leap years.

Now, make the leap!