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The March Madness college basketball tournament is a 641 game single elimination tournament,and every March millions of people spend hours predicting the outcomes of each of its 63 games. But until now, there hasn’t been a viable way to fit those predictions into a 140 character tweet.

Why not? After all, a bracket is nothing more than 63 binary choices, each of which can be represented by a single bit. And 63 bits can be easily encoded into a slim 16 characters.

Meet #ByteBracket, a protocol for unambiguously encoding your March Madness predictions into a sequence of 16 characters. Using the #ByteBracket Generator you can fill out your bracket, get your #ByteBracket code, and share your predictions with the world, with 124 characters left to gloat!

We’ll be publishing more articles about #ByteBracket and how it works as the tournament progresses. But round 1 begins on Thursday so for now you should visit the #ByteBracket Generator and make your own.  Our #ByteBracket is bdfdffb7d8cc9fdd. What’s your #ByteBracket?

1There are actually 68 teams in this year’s tournament but brackets typically only include the 64 who make it past the preliminary “First Four” mini-tournament.