Transformation: The James Peterson Story!

James Peterson Udacity Student Success

When a Udacity student graduates, we celebrate it wholeheartedly. When a Udacity graduate begins the process of pursuing a new role, a new job, a new career, we support them every step of the way. When a Udacity graduate lands a new job, we shout to the stars in praise of their achievement. And, we share their story! Which is exactly what we have the pleasure of doing today. Readers, meet James Peterson!

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Nanodegree 101: What is a Nanodegree program?

Udacity Nanodegree

What is a Nanodegree program? In this post, we’ll try to answer this question by looking at what it means to offer a skills-based approach. We’ll then highlight some important program details, including our hiring and curriculum partnerships. We’ll follow that by breaking down four key ways a Nanodegree program is uniquely valuable, and then presenting some use cases organized around experience levels. Finally, we’ll explore the distinction between tech skills, and being “in tech,” and show you why the skills you learn in a Nanodegree program are applicable across a wide array of exciting fields.

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Swift 3: The Great Migration!


By virtue of what we teach at Udacity, we get to be part of a really exciting space where rapid change is the norm. New products, new platforms, and new tools seemingly emerge everyday, and for students and instructors alike, it’s unbelievably thrilling to work in the middle of all this innovation! But, rapid change has its own set of problems, too. For example, keeping courses up-to-date can be really difficult—especially when you’re trying to keep pace with world-class innovators like Apple! At Udacity, we embrace this challenge so that we can consistently offer the best content to students.

Before the end of this quarter, we can expect that Apple will make announcements about an improved device lineup and the newest version of their Swift programming language—Swift 3. Rest assured, the team behind the iOS Developer Nanodegree program is already working to stay on top of all these exciting changes!

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Hiring For Skills


Workplace Culture is one of those buzzy phrases that crops up endlessly in modern discussions around recruiting and hiring. Recruiters are purportedly seeking individuals who will successfully fit it, and job seekers purportedly value it above virtually everything but salary. But at the end of the day, isn’t it the work you do—and are capable of doing—that’s most important?

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Follow Your Bliss: Eric Darnell On Udacity Talks—The Wrap!

Sebastian Thrun, Eric Darnell, Udacity Talks

Sebastian Thrun introduced him as, “A great artist, a great technologist, and a super creative person.” He then asked him, “Are you a creative, a technologist, a content person, a cook, or a comedian?” To which Eric Darnell responded, “I’ve basically been a content person.”

And that is how Episode 4 of Udacity Talks began!

Returning to the host’s chair was our own Sebastian Thrun, and sitting opposite from him was Eric Darnell, Chief Creative Officer for Baobab Studios. Sitting between them was … a bunny. But not just any bunny. This bunny happens to be the star of “Invasion!,” which is Baobab’s first Virtual Reality release!

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It’s All About The Content: Udacity Talks Welcomes Virtual Reality Innovator Eric Darnell

Eric Darnell, Udacity Talks

“It is all about the content.”

So says Eric Darnell, Chief Creative Officer of Baobab Studios. Coming from a film director—which Eric is—this may not be a surprising sentiment. But Eric is in fact one of the preeminent visionaries leading the still-very-new field of Virtual Reality filmmaking, and is unquestionably at the very forefront of technological advances the likes of which we can still hardly imagine. But despite all that innovation, it’s still about the content.

Eric Darnell is our guest for this week’s episode of Udacity Talks, taking place on Wed, June 20th, at 4pm PDT.

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6 Reasons To Start Thinking About A Virtual Reality Career — NOW

Virtual Reality Career

Career planning takes exactly that, planning. By definition, you have to think ahead. Where will the opportunities be? For everyone from “creatives” to “techies” Virtual Reality is looking very promising these days. Here are six reasons to start thinking about a Virtual Reality career:

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