Celebrate a world of achievement

Beyond the split-second differences in time, and the drama of the finish line; beyond the agonizing first second of an uncertain landing, and the final second before the tape is split; beyond the glitter of the gold and the glow of the fire, there is simply the incredible celebration of achievement.

When we celebrate the Olympics, what we are really celebrating is the connected world; the global community. The Olympics are that rarest of communal rituals where an entire world comes together to celebrate, and to be unified.

On the surface are the competitions. The teams, the uniforms, the colors, the flags. The rhetoric of rivalry, and the ghosts of grudges past. But below all this is simply the incredible celebration of achievement.

Education is a parallel expression of our common global connections, and learning is an achievement to be celebrated at the worldwide level, beyond the reach of division, of boundary, of disharmony. Education, like the Olympics, can represent the best of we believe it means to achieve a global bond.

This is the vision of education we are committed to. This is the world of dedicated learners, teachers, and innovators we stand with. This is a world of no boundaries, no borders, no limits, a world where any aspiring learner can empower themselves through education, and achieve a meaningful greatness in their own lives. This is a world of incredible achievement, celebrated.

Right now, aspiring champions from 206 different countries are gathered in Rio to pursue greatness. As the Olympic drama unfolds, aspiring learners in 224 countries are coming together in virtual Udacity classrooms to pursue their own heroic dreams.

As Olympians test themselves against history across 306 different events, Udacity students are building futures through 147 different courses and programs.

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Let’s ALL celebrate a world of achievement!