SWSW PanelPicker

Why does Udacity want to speak at South by Southwest again this year? Because we’ve got a lot to say, and we want to spread the word about lifelong learning! We have so much to say in fact, that we’re proposing not one, not two, but EIGHT different SXSW panels! Will you help us get there?

It’s Panel Pickin’ Time, Austin-Style!

It all comes down to your votes. SXSW is a democracy of discovery, so it’s your input that will determine who gets to take their message to the streets of Austin, TX! If you haven’t done this before, SXSW has a feature on their website called the PanelPicker, and once you have a PanelPicker account, you get to vote on which panels you want to see at SXSW 2017.

To vote here’s all you need to do:

TO VOTE: (voting is open until Sept 2)
1) Create a SXSW Panel Picker account and log-in. – https://auth.sxsw.com/users/sign_in
2) Select your favorite panels from the links below and vote! You can only vote once for each speaker.

The Udacity Panels

Here are the links to all our proposed panels (click the panel title to vote!), accompanied by a brief description, and a prepared tweet in case you’re extra game to support our efforts!

Science or art? The alchemy behind tech hiring -Ana Diaz-Hernandez

Join Ana Diaz-Hernandez, an advocate for diversity & inclusion and more efficient technical hiring, as she gives tactical advice on transforming the way your engineering teams hire talent.

Talent Without Borders: Upskill A Global Workforce -Clarissa Shen

Gain international perspective on how educators, enterprises, and engineers can work together to recruit, train, and deploy new tech talent on a global scale.

The Premise and Promise of Hybrid Higher Education -Dr. Charles Isbell, Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing; Jason Barros, Udacity

Can edtech close the talent gap, reduce higher-ed costs and democratize education? This fireside chat will examine these issues and consider the possibilities of hybrid education.

IoT, VR & AI, Oh My! The Impending Tech Skills Gap -Zhalisa Clarke, Udacity

How do you get the talent you need when there are no experts and very few trained professionals? This session will highlight how business leaders can transform their workforce to address this impending tech skills gap in order to take advantage of these uniquely massive business opportunities.

Overcoming Inertia: How to Get Your Dream Career -Kathleen Mullaney, Udacity

This session will drill down on the most common causes of career inertia, map out what it takes to step into the highest-demand roles of today and the future, as well as illustrate some of the catalysts for career change with personal stories shared around the world.

Make a VR Career Your Reality -Christian Plagemann, Udacity

Learn how to build a successful career in VR, what matters most, and what can be ignored. Hear from the expert that helped build Google’s Virtual Reality Team and the Daydream VR platform, and is now developing cutting-edge curriculum at Udacity.

VR needs an operating system. We designed one. -Jared Lodwick, JPMorgan Chase; Austin McCasland, Udacity; Andre Le, Freelance

Through prototyping and user testing, we have reimagined an operating system from the ground up for virtual reality. We call it “Lantern” and we’re excited to share our results and process with you.

How to Play God: UX for VR -Austin McCasland, Udacity

The only way for designers to ensure they create compelling and enjoyable experiences is to take traditional UX practices and remix them for VR. In this presentation, we will review methods of UX research, testing, iteration, and existing design paradigms in VR.

Setting the stage for taking the stage!

Right now through September 2nd is THE critical phase in the SXSW PanelPicker voting process. We feel really strongly that this event represents an incredible opportunity to share with the world what our students and partners are accomplishing, and what’s possible through the combined achievements of aspiring learners like you, and all of us here at Udacity. But, we need your help. Your votes will determine what the world hears from SXSW, and we want our message to come through loud and clear!

Thank you in advance for any support you can provide!