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Today’s hottest fields are populated by the most innovative companies. These forward-thinking organizations are powered by the creativity, skill, and drive of their employees, and Udacity alumni are steadily joining these ranks, poised to make amazing contributions to the future. In fields like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and self-driving cars, companies are harnessing the power of their people to develop new technologies the likes of which the world can hardly yet imagine.

Introducing Our Newest Hiring Partners

Our existing hiring partners are a true who’s who of leaders in their fields, and this extraordinary list grows again today as we announce the following new hiring partners:

New Udacity Hiring Partners
Amazon Alexa · Auro · Bosch · CrowdAI · Dataspeed · HARMAN · Intel · Lucid VR · Mobvoi · Nod · Samsung · Slack · Telefónica Germany · Upload

As we close out a remarkable 2016, this brings our exclusive list of hiring partners to more than 30, covering programs in everything from artificial intelligence and virtual reality to self-driving cars and business analytics.

“Leveraging Intel® RealSense™ Technology, Intel is enabling intelligent devices, autonomous drones and robots, as well as immersive virtual and merged reality experiences. The Nanodegree programs will bring prospective hires to these fast-growing industries, and we’re excited for the opportunities ahead.” —Achin Bhowmik, Vice President and General Manager, Perceptual Computing Group, Intel Corporation

Partnering With The World’s Leading Brands

The organizations highlighted in this announcement are exactly the kinds of companies we love to partner with—forward-thinkers, risk-taskers, and boundary-pushers with the drive to make real change in our world happen.

“Automated vehicles are the future of mobility, and Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program is preparing the next generation of autonomous vehicle engineers. With Bosch’s worldwide employment opportunities, we’re looking forward to tapping Udacity’s qualified candidate pipeline.”  —Angela Klein, Automated Driving Research Project Lead, Bosch

Companies like Bosch—the world’s largest automotive supplier, and a pioneer in the field of autonomous driving—are ushering in not just new technologies and products, but a new era of work and hiring. To achieve their moonshots, innovators like these need the brightest and boldest talent out there—those skilled and dedicated individuals capable of pushing boundaries today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Partnering With Udacity

These companies have elected to partner with Udacity because of who our students are—thinkers, doers, innovators. A Udacity student is a proven self-starter, a voracious consumer of knowledge, and someone who is armed with cutting-edge skills and the fierce desire to succeed. Udacity students are engaged in a continual process of reinvention, constantly challenging themselves to learn more, create more, achieve more. They are why—and how—progress happens.

“The Alexa team is dedicated to accelerating the field of conversational artificial intelligence. Udacity’s Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree program is aligned with our vision to advance the industry. As a contributor to the program, we’re excited for students to build new skills, and get access to a global pipeline of talented individuals looking to advance their careers.” —Rohit Prasad, VP & Head Scientist, Alexa

What Do Hiring Partners Mean For Students?

Our global hiring partners provide Udacity students from all over the world direct and preferential exposure to new jobs. We work directly with recruiters and hiring managers at each company to get our students fast-tracked into open opportunities. Students are evaluated for these positions based on skills, experience, and the projects showcased in their unique Udacity portfolios.

“The rapidly evolving telecommunications industry and the revolution of the Internet of Things bring us new opportunities but also challenges, for which we require specialists in data analytics and prediction models with a good business understanding. Our partnership with Udacity in the Predictive Analytics for Business program enables participants to acquire the skills we need to successfully face the challenges and decisively use the opportunities.” —Dr. Nanne von Hahn, Director Talent, Development & HR Strategy at Telefónica Germany

Hiring partnerships don’t guarantee you get hired, but they do ensure you get the direct exposure and exclusive opportunity to demonstrate why you’re the right one for the job. Plus, Udacity supports you every step of the way, so you can proceed with confidence, knowing you’re always putting your best foot forward.

Only at Udacity Partners, Only at Udacity Programs

This combination of exclusive hiring partnerships and pioneering learning programs is unique to Udacity. In building this model, our goal is to provide both students and companies with the opportunity to rise to the promise of our extraordinary shared future. Where amazing organizations meet amazing talent, there you will find progress.