Computer History Museum, Intersect 2017
© Mark Richards. Courtesy of the Computer History Museum

Intersect 2017 is just 40 days away, and we are so excited! We are bringing together a phenomenal line-up of speakers, panelists, and hiring partners, all focused on our conference theme—The Jobs of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond!

Speakers include Dr. Steven Abrams from IBM Watson, Dr. Ashwin Ram from Amazon Alexa, Astro Teller from X, Peter Lubbers from Google, Dr. Rana Kaliouby from Affectiva, and more. In addition, representatives from hiring partners such as Mercedes-Benz, Capital One, Samsung, Bosch, Rakuten, and more will be on-hand to meet with attendees.

We’ll also be presenting four amazing panels, and we’re thrilled today to reveal them to you!

In The Year 2027

Today’s learning opportunities empower individuals to take charge of their own educations. Fields like AI and Machine Learning offer new opportunities for innovation, and will create jobs that don’t even exist yet, resulting in tremendous opportunity, even for those who might otherwise feel left behind from participating in this advanced modern economy. From healthcare to urban planning, transportation to agriculture, our panelists will discuss what our world will look like in the year 2027.

The Jobs of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Technology is making learning boundaryless. Companies pursue talent at a global level. We live in a time in which advanced online learning models make it possible for virtually anyone—from anywhere—to master new job skills. This is the future of work, but how do we ensure everyone can participate? Our panelists will offer their thoughts on the jobs of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Powering Change: Technology and Social Good

Proceeding from the stance that technology can and should have a positive moral dimension, our panelists—and the organizations they represent—are committed to modern innovations at a global scale. From environmental and health issues to political crises and poverty, it is critical our solutions for the future address those regions facing the most pressing challenges. Our panelists will explore the crucial intersections of technology and social good.

How It Looks, How It Works: The Future of Design and Technology

The relationships between design and technology deepen as our innovations accelerate. We see this in everything from self-driving cars to virtual reality. In fields like robotics, scientists are thinking like designers, considering questions of aesthetic and function, while drawing on evolution, human physiology, and neuroscience to push forward. Our panelists will discuss the many dimensions of what the world can expect from the future of design and technology.

Intersect 2017 will be an incredible experience for all. This unique conference—held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA—represents a gathering of both the most innovative minds of today, and the next generation of innovators who will shape the future. For professionals and students alike, this will be an opportunity to connect directly with inspiring leaders and innovative companies, and share in the passion that unites us all—the passion to pursue rewarding work in a world that grows better for everyone, every day.

Please visit Intersect 2017 to see our full list of speakers, and to purchase your tickets today. Early bird pricing is only available through February 18, so don’t delay!