The Road to Intersect 2017 Peter Lubbers

At the conclusion of our recent interview with Peter Lubbers, Peter said, “I’m really looking forward to meeting all the students.” I think it’s safe to say, on behalf of Udacity students who will be attending Intersect 2017, they’re excited to meet him too!

You see, Peter Lubbers is the Senior Program Manager for Developer Training at Google. Which means he is in charge of all aspects of Developer Training. At Google! And, he is one of our panel speakers at Intersect 2017!

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Peter has been a great friend of Udacity’s for a long time, for which we are extremely grateful. One of the things we really appreciate about this connection is Peter’s seemingly innate understanding of all the unique paths learners take to come to Udacity, and the unique futures that await them after Udacity.

As we learned in our interview though (which took place in our self-driving car, by the way—a first for Peter!), this quality may not be entirely innate after all; as it turns out, Peter has a rather unique story as well!

Peter moved to the US from the Netherlands in the early 90s, and started out building … deer fences! No, that’s not Silicon Valley-speak for some obscure programming practice. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Fences to keep out deer. His move into tech began with a Dutch translation job for training software. He took the job, but had to teach himself everything. Watching the interview for this first time, I couldn’t help but smile when Peter said:

“I really wish there had been a Udacity-like program at the time!”

Perhaps because of his own experience, Peter has become an incredible evangelist for Google, for Udacity, and for the international developer community. When discussing the 10,000 scholarships Udacity and Google recently teamed up to offer European developers, Peter’s enthusiasm is palpable, and he is clearly genuinely moved recalling the essay questions he read as part of reviewing the 70,000 scholarship applications that we received.

And yes, you read that right. 70,000 applications!

While cruising about in our self-driving car, Peter also discussed his reasons for participating in Intersect 2017, why he thinks attending events of this kind are so important for students and job-seekers, and what he means when he says “part of the last mile is connecting in person with people.”

Please enjoy the interview below, and make sure to order your Intersect 2017 tickets today, while Early Bird pricing is still available!

Road to Intersect – Peter Lubbers from Udacity on Vimeo.