Free Samsung Gear 360

As a medium for creation, expression, and innovation, virtual reality represents a uniquely compelling union of hardware and software. This ongoing symbiosis produces incredible advancements at astonishing speeds. With each new hardware introduction, thousands upon thousands of software innovators answer the call with envelope-pushing ways to leverage what becomes newly possible. In turn, hardware developers take up the challenge posed by these innovations, and produce new equipment that changes the game yet again.

Your Free Samsung Gear 360!

Given the importance of hardware to the synergetic ecosystem of virtual reality development, we are thrilled today to announce an amazing opportunity for aspiring developers considering our Virtual Reality Developer Nanodegree program:

Enroll between February 7, 2017 and April 15, 2017, and claim a free Samsung Gear 360 camera!

2016 was a remarkable year for virtual reality hardware, and one of the key trends has been the release of consumer-grade products capable of producing professional-grade results. The Samsung Gear 360 is a perfect example of this, and it’s why we love it, and it’s why we’ve partnered with Samsung to make it available to our students. Our company mission is to democratize education, and we see products like the Samsung Gear 360 as enabling incredible storytelling innovation at a truly global scale, bringing the magic of VR to every aspiring learner who dreams of entering the field.

A 360 film is a unique way to place a viewer inside a story, and the Gear 360 puts this incredible narrative power into your hands, with the only limit being your imagination.

360 Storytelling

Our VR Developer Nanodegree program features, as part of its structure, specific “concentrations,” one of which is 360 Storytelling. In the 360 Storytelling concentration, you will learn to use your Samsung Gear 360 camera to tell stories in new and fascinating ways. You’ll explore dynamic camera placement, and learn how to play with viewers’ perceptions to enhance their experience. Ultimately, you’ll use your new camera to create your own immersive, interactive, 360 short.

This is a genuinely new way to learn, and it’s fitting that a field devoted to pushing the envelope of what’s creatively possible should offer such a personalized approach to learning. You’ll actually be using your own images, your own stories, your own life, as course material!

Enroll Today!

Please visit our VR Developer Nanodegree homepage to learn more about this program, and please review these FAQs for specifics related to the Samsung Gear 360 promotion. Most importantly, make sure to enroll before April 15th to take advantage of this special opportunity. The world of VR offers you unrivaled opportunities to innovate both technically and creatively, and with your Samsung Gear 360 at the ready, you’ll be perfectly equipped to bring your own unique vision to bear on the future of storytelling.