Udacity Discovery Week - Deep Learning - Digital Marketing

Sometimes, a revolution is a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, Udacity believes Deep Learning is going to have a revolutionary impact across virtually every industry out there. We believe a new generation of Deep Learning specialists is already on the verge of coming into its own, ready to make significant contributions to the improvement of our world. But is this actually true?

It is now!

The Future of Deep Learning

Would you believe it if we told you that just since Discovery Week launched on July 20th, over 45,000 people have come to Udacity specifically to research their opportunities in the amazing field of Deep Learning? 45,000! Did we know there would be this much interest when we first committed to creating the Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation program? Of course not! But we believed. And now, the dream is becoming reality. The next generation of Deep Learning experts is rising up.

Telling New Stories in New Ways with Digital Marketing

At first glance, Digital Marketing may not evoke the same sense of head-shaking wonder that Deep Learning does—after all, Deep Learning is new; a transformational technology. Digital Marketing on the other hand is all around us, every day. But Digital Marketing today is as complex and fascinating a field as any space out there—its reach is global, industry-agnostic, and the field offers rapidly increasing career opportunities that reward those with sophisticated skill sets. We were new to the space when we launched our Digital Marketing Nanodegree program, but as with Deep Learning, we believed. We believed that a new generation of Digital Marketing experts was waiting in the wings, ready to master and leverage the latest technologies in the service of telling new stories in new ways.

Would you believe it if we told you that more than 76,000 people have come to our Digital Marketing Nanodegree program to discover how to build a career in this space? 76,000!

Making the Commitment

Over 40,000 aspiring learners have come to Udacity during Discovery Week to discover what opportunities await in the world of Machine Learning. More than 33,000 future developers have come to our React Nanodegree program, to discover how they might push their careers into high gear. The numbers continue to rise. Discovery Week is still live, still happening, still offering incredible Nanodegree program savings, and already, thousands have made the commitment to change their futures for the better. People aren’t just researching. They’re not just discovering. They’re committing. 

Discovery Week

This is the self-fulfilling prophecy of Discovery Week. We believe in you. We believe you are the new generation of experts, ready to rise up and begin shaping our future through the technologies you master, the values you embrace, and the dreams you make reality. Because of the opportunities that Discovery Week represents, you’ve made the commitment. You’ve set yourself on the path. The future awaits. The future begins. The future is now!


For the first time ever, it’s Udacity Discovery Week! Enroll in any Nanodegree program by July 27th, and enjoy unprecedented savings. Treat yourself to new skills, and a rewarding future!