Net Neutrality

Today is the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality, and we are writing this post to encourage our community to take action in support of a free and open internet for all.

Free and open online access is critical to our mission of democratizing education. Without independent control over their own online experience, aspiring learners across the globe are at risk of losing the opportunity to empower themselves through education.

Every day, we witness our students making remarkable achievements. They are learning transformational skills. They are lifting themselves up to new opportunities. They are contributing to a better world. They are creating software for self-driving cars to make our roads safer, and our environment stronger. They are building robots that will offer mobility solutions to the physically challenged. They are developing artificial intelligence solutions that will do everything from helping doctors detect cancer more effectively, to preventing security threats.

None of this is possible without free and open access to the internet.

Lifelong learning opportunities are just one of countless vital services that a free and open internet makes possible, and that people rely on to realize their full potential in life.

If you too support keeping the internet open to all, learn more, and take action.