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Udacity Bosch - Path Planning Challenge - Self Driving Car

The Bosch Group is the world’s largest automotive supplier and they are taking bold actions to achieve their mission of bringing level 5 autonomous vehicles to market by 2021. As well as investing $1.1 billion into a new, self-driving car chip manufacturing plant, they are also investing heavily in talent.

To help Bosch meet the demands of their growing Automated Driving team, Udacity is pleased to announce a Path Planning Challenge sponsored by Bosch, which will give actively enrolled students in our Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program the opportunity to showcase their skills and earn an interview for a Planning Engineer role with Bosch’s Automated Driving team.

The Challenge

To compete in this challenge, Self-Driving Car students are asked to design a path planner that uses localization, sensor fusion, and map data to quickly, safely and successfully navigate a car around a simulated track.  Submissions will be ranked by how quickly it takes the car to successfully complete one lap. This challenge will test a candidate’s proficiency with C++, traffic prediction, motion planning, and trajectory generation.

The top 25 entrants will secure an interview with Bosch’s Automated Driving Team for the role of Planning Engineer.

Your Role in The Future of Urban Mobility

The Future of Urban MobiltyBy 2050, at least 70 percent of the global population will be living in cities. Imagine the challenges—and the opportunities—this shift will create. Bosch is already visualizing solutions for improved traffic flow, convenient commuting, and better road safety by re-imagining approaches to connected and automated vehicles, such as multimodal transportation services and robot taxis.

In order to bring this vision to reality, Bosch’s Automated Driving team is tasked with solving some of the hardest robotics and AI problems today. To do this, they need to continue building  a team of creative and talented problem-solvers who are genuinely passionate about the field of automated driving, and the positive impact this transformational technology can have on our world.

This is why they elected to partner with Udacity. They know that the curriculum we’ve developed is teaching exactly the kinds of skills they want to see in their engineers. They’ve even enrolled their own team members in the program!

Your Opportunity to Help Build the Future of Self-Driving Cars!

If you are currently a Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program student who shares Bosch’s vision for the Future of Urban Mobility, and are looking for your opportunity to help build the future of Self-Driving Cars, show Bosch what you can do, and join this challenge.

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